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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Susie AU
區雪兒 | AU Susie

I’m a director of commercials and a director of the most hip, most pop, most hyped MVs in pop music. I’m also a film director who attempts to challenge the system, the modes and genres of Hong Kong’s mainstream cinema. I believe that creativity has no limits and that visual art is driven by visual language. In Hong Kong, the general feeling is: MVs are made with low budgets and can only be made haphazardly, commercials are handsomely funded and are demanding, films lack investment and has a small market, operating with a factory mode that kills experimental spirit.

The Hong Kong film industry lacks a good system to nurture the new generation; in the realm of technology, imitation dominates, limiting exploration. Before making sure of things, rigid lines are drawn, creating boundaries. Please remember that we once had boldly innovated, trying to create a renewed film industry. The language of film is evolving and digital technology had changed the thought process of film and its storytelling ways.The whole world is using different media qualities to improve through integration. If we insist on looking down on commercial media and fearing art, we are only drawing lines that stifle ourselves. Only by introducing experimentation into the mainstream can a new mainstream be created.

Please give Hong Kong what it deserves!


Susie Au Suet-yee studied film at Purchase College, State University of New York. To Hide and Seek (1991), a short film she made in New York, was shown in the Retrospective section of the 16th Hong Kong International Film Festival.

She returned to Hong Kong in 1992 and worked as music video director, collaborating with some of the top names in Hong Kong and Taiwan music, including Faye Wong, Anthony Wong Yiuming and Jacky Cheung. Au quickly earned renown for her unique style and became a sought-after music video-maker, winning awards in international festivals. In 1995, Au established Handmade Films, specializing in commercials, producing many award-winning ads.

In 2004, she directed the musical short Moon Wall, starring Karena Lam and Rebecca Pan. Two years later, she made her feature directorial debut, with Ming Ming (2006), starring Zhou Xun and Daniel Wu. The film was noted for its special visual qualities and was shown in several film festivals including Pusan International Film Festival. In 2011, she served as executive director and director of music for Jeff Lau’s East Meets West (2011). The next year, Au made the micro-film Beauty University (2012) with actress Shu Qi in Beijing.

Au had guest lectured at City University and the University of Science and Technology as well as served as juror for the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2006 《明明》
Ming Ming