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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chi To Antony CHAN
陳友 | CHAN Chi To Antony

If asking audiences to buy a ticket and making sure they feel satisfied at the end of the film is a director’s responsibility, then is film an art or a commercial product?

When I was directing, I was thinking in terms of my clients. Who are they? What do they want? What do they want to hear? What should I say?

In the past 20 years, I had been living in the socialist system of China. The process is like walking the vast land in bare feet, bitter sweet.

In an area of high-speed development, the many manifestations of humanity and the differences in cultures had great impact on me. I had no choice but be born a Chinese, but how to be a Chinese can absolutely be controlled. One-country-two systems allow the Chinese born in Hong Kong to have more choices and opportunities.

Today, I have more life experience, more personal ideas to sell!

Today, I don’t care what I can take but what I can leave behind.


Antony Chan Chi-to ( aka Chan Friend) was born in Hong Kong on October 1, 1952. In 1973, along with Alan Tam, Kenny Bee, Bennett Pang and Danny Yip, he formed the band Wynners, which became one of the most popular pop groups in Hong Kong history.

Chan crossed over to film in 1975 when composer James Wong cast the Wynners in the musical comedy Let’s Rock (1975). He then appeared in several Taiwan films, such as Making It (1978), Rainbow in My Heart (1978) and Hou Hsiao-hsien’s directorial debut Lovable You (1981). He formed the company Go Go Film in 1981 with band-mate Kenny Bee, producing and starring in its first film Monkey Business (1982), directed by Alfred Cheung. Chan teamed up with Cheung again in another Go Go production Let’s Make Laugh (1983). The film was a huge hit, prompting Chan and Cheung to form the company Mobile Film.

Mobile’s first film is Mr. Virgin (1984), also Chan’s directorial debut. The company went on to produce a series of successful comedies, such as Happy Bigamist (1987) and One Husband Too Many (1988), both directed by Chan, and the Her Fatal Ways series (1990-94), directed by Cheung and widely considered Hong Kong’s premium political comedies. Chan also directed A Fishy Story (1989), which earned him a nomination for Best Director at the Hong Kong Film Awards and star Maggie Cheung’s first Best Actress award.

Between 1990 and 1993, Chan served as Vice Chairman of the Motion Picture Industry Association, helping establish the MPIA as the only authentication body of Hong Kong films distributed in China.

Chan remained active as actor, director and producer until the early 1990s, when he focused on developing advertising and television productions in China, with only occasional Wynners reunion performances and an appearance in Rigor Mortis (2013), directed by the singer-actor Juno Mak.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1992 《丐世英雄》
Hero of the Beggars
1992 《兩屋一妻》
My Americanize Wife
1990 《無敵幸運星》
When Fortune Smiles
1989 《不脫襪的人》
A Fishy Story
1988 《一妻兩夫》
One Husband Too Many
1987 《一屋兩妻》
Happy Bigamist
1985 《天使出更》
Carry On Doctors and Nurses
1984 《三十處男》
Mr. Virgin