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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Ching Po CHAN
陳靜波 | CHAN Ching Po

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Born in 1920 in Shanghai, Chan Ching-po was educated there and moved to Hong Kong in 1946. He started in film at the Yung Hwa Studio, learning make up, later moving to Dragon Horse Films to work as assistant director. In 1952, he went to work at Feng Huang Motion Picture, serving as famed director Zhu Shilin’s assistant director and also as actor.

Under the mentoring of Zhu, who groomed young filmmakers by collaborating with them, Chan got his first taste for directing, sharing the credits with the master and other budding directors on several films, such as They All Want a Baby (1956), A Widow’s Tears (1956), Troubles of the Bachelors (1957), The Wife Leads (1957), Love’s Miracle (1958) and Sweet as Honey (1959).

Chan’s first solo effort was Wu Ku Niang (1960), after which he worked steadily in Feng Huang. His The Golden Eagle (1964) was shot in Inner Mongolia and was the first Hong Kong film to gross over $1 million. Other key works include Let’s Get Married (1962), The Chameleon (1966), The Flaming Bulwark of Miao (1973), Mud Child (1976, co-directed with Chu Fung) and A Strange Tale of the Strange People (1979).

In 1978, Chan took up managerial duties at Feng Huang and, later, at Sil-Metropole, which was formed after Feng Huang was merged with other sister organizations. There, he produced the first films of Johnnie To and Allen Fong, respectively The Enigmatic Case (1980) and Father and Son (1981), as well as Fong’s sophomore effort Ah Ying (1983).

In 1970, Chan married actress Chu Hung, the star of Golden Eagle. He retired in 1986, serving as advisor to the company while also volunteering at the South China Film Industry Workers’ Union before passing away in 1995.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1979 《奇人奇事奇上奇》
A Strange Tale of the Strange People
1976 《泥孩子》
Mud Child CHU Fung
1974 《桂林山水》
Beautiful Kweilin
1973 《苗寨烽火》
The Flaming Bulwark of Miao
1970 《天堂奇遇》
Adventure in Paradise
1970 《過江龍》
The River Dragon HSU Hsin
1969 《虎口拔牙》
Pull Out the Tiger's Teeth
1968 《週末傳奇》
The Weekend Adventures
1966 《審妻》
Wife on Trial
1965 《變色龍》
The Chameleon
1964 《金鷹》
The Golden Eagle
1963 《八人渡蜜月》
Relatives on Honeymoon
1962 《對窗戀》
Romance Across the Window BOW Fong
1962 《亂點鴛鴦》
Double Twins BOW Fong
1962 《我們要結婚》
Let's Get Married
1960 《有女初長成》
A Teenage Girl BOW Fong
1960 《五姑娘》
Wu Ku Niang
1959 《甜甜蜜蜜》
Sweet as Honey
1959 《真假千金》
A Girl in Disguise LO Kwan Hung
1959 《小月亮》
Precious Little Moon
1959 《同心結》
Mutual Hearts
1959 《稱心如意》
An Unfulfilled Wish
1958 《情竇初開》
Love's Miracle
1957 《男大當婚》
Troubles of the Bachelors LO Kwan Hung
1957 《婦唱夫隨》
The Wife Leads
1956 《孔雀屏》
To Marry or Not to Marry
1956 《少奶奶之謎》
They All Want a Baby
1956 《寂寞的心》
The Foolish Heart LO Kwan Hung
1956 《新寡》
A Widow's Tears
1956 《寂莫的心》
The Foolish Heart LO Kwan Hung