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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Frankie CHAN
陳永煜 | CHAN Frankie

I, Frankie Chan, had loved movies ever since going with my grandfather to see Wong Fei-hung films. Little could I think that I would be given a chance by my mentor Wang Fu-ling to learn film scoring at Shaws. A poor kid from the slumps becoming a prince who drives a sports car, eventually a movie star. But since becoming a director, I realized that I was lacking in knowledge and education, so I changed my lifestyle, becoming a stay-at-home man, learning this and that, learning how to make films, often feeling that 24 hours a day was not enough. I grew up working for film, and I will devote everything to film, continuing to work and nurture new generations.


Born in Hong Kong in 1951, Frankie Chan Wing-yuk was fond of movies and martial arts growing up. He dropped out of secondary school and entered Shaw Brothers as child labor, working in the sound department and learning film scoring from famed composer Wang Fu-ling. In 1970, he scored for director Chang Cheh’s The Singing Killer (1970) and The New Onearmed Swordsman (1971), kick-starting a composing career of 30 years, writing the score for over 300 films. In addition to Shaws, he had worked for Golden Harvest and other independent companies. For Wong Kar-wai’s Fallen Angels (1995), he won Best Original Film Score at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Chan began acting in the 1980s, his first film Golden Harvest’s Read Lips (1980), followed by Sammo Hung’s The Prodigal Son (1981). In 1981, backed by Golden Princess, Chan formed Always Good Film, its premiere project Carry On Pickpocket (1982), directed by Hung and co-starring Hung and Chan.

Chan started directing with The Perfect Match (1982), in which he also co-stars with Josephine Siao. Since then, Chan had directed and acted in all of Always Good’s productions. In addition to scoring, Chan had been involved in more than 20 films as director, producer and actor.

He had also served as executive director for Jackie Chan, directing action and car stunts in such films as Armour of God II - Operation Condor (1991), Drunken Master II (1994), Thunderbolt (1995) and CZ12 (2012). In 1997, Chan produced, directed and acted in the drama series The Last Tango in Shanghai (1997) in China. Another Chinese project, the youth series The Tae-kwon-do Kids (2003) was so popular it prompted a tae-kwon-do craze in China.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2011 《楊門女將之軍令如山》
Legendary Amazons
1999 《辣椒教室》
I.Q. Doucettes
1996 《運財五福星》
How to Meet the Lucky Stars
1995 《沒有老公的日子》
Tragic Commitment
1994 《沉默的姑浪》
The Wrath Of Silence
1993 《邊城浪子》
A Warrior's Tragedy
1992 《痴情快婿》
Fun & Fury
1992 《神探POWER 之問米追兇》
Oh! Yes Sir
1990 《最佳賊拍擋》
The Outlaw Brothers
1989 《龍之爭霸》
Burning Ambitions
1988 《鬼馬保鑣賊美人》
The Good, The Bad & The Beauty
1988 《龍虎智多星》
The Criminal Hunter
1987 《惡男》
Goodbye My Love
1986 《我要金龜婿》
Sweet Surrender
1985 《小狐仙》
The Unforgettable Fantasy
1984 《伊人再見》
Silent Romance
1983 《空心大少爺》
Just for Fun
1982 《佳人有約》
The Perfect Match