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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Gordon CHAN
陳嘉上 | CHAN Gordon

I’d always said that I’m a scriptwriter and directing is only a part-time job, never imagining that I’d be a director. Looking at mentors and colleagues, I feel that they are too good. That’s why to this day, I’m still uneasy about my position as a director. I can only work hard to become better, to catch up with everyone.


Born in Hong Kong in 1960, Gordon Chan Ka-seung studied urban geography at the University of Toronto. Returning to Hong Kong in 1981, he got involved in amateur theater and went to work for Shaw Brothers, contributing to special effects of Alex Cheung’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (1983) and Chor Yuen’s Descendant of The Sun (1982).

Chan started his scriptwriting career fortuitously in 1983, when he was asked to work on the script of Behind the Yellow Line (1984) while working continuity for director Taylor Wong. He went on to write for No Regret (1987), The Big Heat (1988) and Dragon Forever (1989), then doubled as writer and executive director on Heart to Hearts (1989), which won Best Screenplay at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

With Lawrence Cheng and Chan Hing-kai, he established People’s Productions, which enjoyed box-office success by finding a niche for yuppie comedies like The Yuppie Fantasia (1989) and Brief Encounter in Shinjuku (1990), both of which he also directed. He then branched into action comedies, directing superstar Stephen Chow on Fight Back to School (1991), which became a huge hit. He collaborated with Chow again on Fight Back to School II (1992) and King of Beggars (1992) in addition to working with Leslie Cheung on Long & Winding Road (1994) and Okinawa Rendez-vous (2000), with Andy Lau on Game Kids (1992) and Armageddon (1997), with Jet Li on The Bodyguard from Beijing (1994, as writer) and Fist of Legend (1994), and with Jackie Chan on Thunderbolt (1995) and The Medallion (2003).

Chan and his work had won many awards. For The Final Option (1993), Chan was named Most Outstanding Director by the Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild. He was named Best Director for New Option (1995) by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society, which also listed Armageddon as a Recommended Film of 1997. Beast Cop (1998), which he co-directed with Dante Lam, won Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards. A1 (2005) was conferred Best Screenplay by the Hong Kong Screenwriters’ Guild and the Hong Kong Film Critics Society.

Chan served as President of the Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild from 2007 through 2010 and as Chairman of the Board of the Hong Kong Film Awards Association from 2008 through 2013.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《四大名捕之2》
The Four 2 CHUN Janet
2013 《李碧華鬼魅系列2 奇幻夜》
Tales from the Dark Part 2
2013 《四大名捕II》
The Four II CHUN Janet
2012 《四大名捕》
The Four CHUN Janet
2011 《畫壁》
Mural KO Lam Pau Danny
2010 《拳皇》
King of Fighters
2008 《畫皮》
Painted Skin CHIN Wing Keung Andy KO Lam Pau Danny
2006 《至尊無賴》
Undercover Hidden Dragon LAM Dante
2006 《3 分鐘先生》
Mr. 3 Minutes
2004 《A-1 頭條》
A-1 CHUNG Kai Cheong Rico
2004 《A-1 頭條》
A-1 Headline CHUNG Kai Cheong Rico
2003 《老鼠愛上貓》
Cat and Mouse
2003 《1:99 電影行動》
1:99 CHEUNG Mabel LAW Alex TSUI Hark CHEN Teddy LAU Andrew CHAN Peter MA Joe CHOW Sing Chi Stephen CHAN Fruit MAK Shiu Fai Alan LAM Dante
2003 《飛龍再生》
The Medallion
2000 《戀戰沖繩》
Okinawa Rendez-vous
1999 《公元2000》
2000 AD
1998 《野獸刑警》
Beast Cop LAM Dante
1998 《野獸刑警》
Beast Cops LAM Dante
1997 《天地雄心》
1996 《飛虎》
New Option
1995 《霹靂火》
1994 《錦繡前程》
Long & Winding Road
1994 《精武英雄》
Fist of Legend
1993 《飛虎雄心》
The Final Option
1992 《逃學威龍2》
Fight Back to School II .
1992 《機BOY 小子之真假威龍》
Game Kids
1992 《武狀元蘇乞兒》
King of Beggars
1990 《小男人周記II 錯在新宿》
Brief Encounter in Shinjuku
1990 《逃學威龍》
Fight Back to School
1990 《神探馬如龍》
Inspector Pink Dragon
1989 《小男人周記》
The Yuppie Fantasia