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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Khan CHAN
陳錦昌 | CHAN Khan

The leap from scriptwriter to director is not one of switching duties. It’s not an attempt at vanity and power, nor is it a gamble that becomes bigger and bigger. It’s a transformation of an entire life. I started with an effort to improve my vision of the bigger picture: art, photography, music, drama, acting, production, experience on the set and postproduction, even including physical conditions.

The writer in the study is God, but the director on the set is Satan – trapped within the frame of the film but has to make decisions on everything. That dominating mindset to control everything is inborn. It’s not in my genes and cannot be learned. If my pursuit in film is rather after humanity and aesthetics than will to power, is it in conflict with such an intellectual structure?


Khan Chan was born in 1958 and went to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Chinese and minoring in art. After graduation, he studied film at the London International Film School but returned to Hong Kong before finishing the program. Working in different professions, from teaching to reporting to editing, he was active in the literature sector, serving in various groups while publishing poems, essays and novels, some of which awarded winners.

Chan began his film career in 1988, collaborating with director Wu Ma on the script of Picture of a Nymph (1989). In 1990, he won the Best Screenplay prize from the Hong Kong Film Awards for the script of Beyond the Sunset (1989), which he co-wrote with Jacob Cheung. In 1999, he won the 1st Script Competition of the Hong Kong Scriptwriters’ Guild and a script award from the Government Information Office of Taiwan.

Other scripts include A Kid from Tibet (1992), Hong Kong Graffiti (1995), Red Cliff (2008), Confucius (2010) and Shaolin (2011). For Wu Dang (2012), Chan also served as producer.

He began directing in 1993, first making shorts, then the television film Broken China (1993), the features Farewell My Dearest (1995) and I Shoot Myself (1998). Chan also make television commercials.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1998 《陽性反應》
I Shoot Myself
1995 《告別有情天》
Farewell My Dearest