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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kin Tak CHAN
陳建德 | CHAN Kin Tak

Hoping to share ideas is one of human’s ultimate spiritual satisfactions.

With all the technological developments, film must be the most complete and most evocative among the many different ways.

But as technology becomes more developed, we often focus on how we can use technology to achieve amazing effects, forgetting the initial goal of sharing ideas: introducing a flesh-and-blood character, describing something touching, bringing out a feeling that cannot be described…

It is my wish to share this with my colleagues: “No matter how advanced is technology, only by feeding the hearts of the audience can both sides receive the most solid and lasting satisfaction.


Doug Chan Kin-tak was born in Hong Kong in 1962. He went to primary school in Macau and returned to Hong Kong to finish his secondary education. Graduating from the University of Toronto in 1985, he returned to Hong Kong and entered TVB in 1988, working in the film department and serving as assistant director to Cheuk Pak-tong and Raymond Lee. In 1989, he entered the film industry with his mentor Raymond Lee, working on Lee’s Blue Lightning (1991) and Ringo Lam’s Touch and Go (1991).

Chan started his directing tenure with a promotional short for the Macau government in 1990, followed by the Beta film An Ordinary Sunday (1993), starring Carmen Lee. The digital work Love is not a Sin (2002), on which he served as producer, director, writer, editor and composer, was set and made in Macau. It was the first Macau film to have won prizes internationally, winning the Golden DV Award at the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Best Original Screenplay award at the Down Under International Film Festival.

The multi-talented Chan not only directs but had also written scripts – for Doctor No… (2001) and Twilight Garden (2001) – and musical scores, for An Ordinary Sunday.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2008 《當天使…愛上希治閣》
When the Angel Falls for Mr. Hitchcock
2002 《鍾意冇罪》
Love is Not a Sin
2001 《逆天者》
Thou Shall Not Commit
1995 《摩登菩呢提》
Muto Bontie
1995 《蛇蠍夜合花》
1993 《一個平凡的星期天》
An Ordinary Sunday