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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Muk Shing Benny CHAN
陳木勝 | CHAN Muk Shing Benny

When I was growing up, the most important element in my life was probably films. I remember going to the Kai Tak Cinema at Kai Tak Amusement Park and Asia Cinema to watch matinees shows. In the 1970s, with the price of one inexpensive ticket, one could watch multiple films. I was only about 12 or 13 then, and my favorites were Shaw Brothers action films, and later on I was taken with the works of Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan. For many Hong Kong people such as myself, these classic Hong Kong films provided a great deal of energy and entertainment.

Upon graduation from secondary school, I joined Redifussion TV as an office assistant. Even though my work was confined to the office, I often sneaked into the studios and watched the crews at work. At the time, I did not know what filmmaking was about, but I thought what they were doing interesting and fun.

Every night I would stay behind after work to loiter at the studios. Eventually I made friends with the assistant directors, and would run errands for them. I remember one day, the director Tsui Siu-ming told me, “Kid, if you want to learn about filmmaking, just watch one person: the director.” Just like in the movies, within a few years, I became a TV producer. I was just 23 then. I was not afraid of hard work and was full of enthusiasm, and the sky was the limit for me. I liked making films, and felt this was a gift to me from the gods.

In 1990, thanks to executive producer Johnnie To, I was given the chance to direct my first film, A Moment of Romance, which marked the start of my film career. Now, dealing with film on a daily basis, it is like my lover, friend and enemy. For me, it conjures up complicated feelings and emotions: happiness, anger, sadness and joy, but I’ve never treated it as just a job. Perhaps that’s why I could stay in this business for so many years. Every day I feel I have learnt something new about films, and in cinema I have found my own world, a space in which I can communicate with other people. Just as films have given me so much pleasure as a youngster, I hope my films can be just as pleasurable for audiences.


Benny Chan Muk-shing was born in Hong Kong in 1969. Fond of watching films since childhood, he entered Rediffusion TV in 1981, working continuity. He switched to TVB in 1982, serving as production assistant to Johnnie To. Promoted to director in 1985, he was responsible for such noted drama series as The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (1985) and The New Heaven Sword and The Dragon Sabre (1986). Leaving TVB for the film industry in 1987, he worked as executive director for Raymond Wong’s Goodbye Darling (1987) and Leong Po-chi’s Fatal Love (1988), later making VHS dramas for Pearl City. He returned to television in 1989, working for ATV as director and producer, making Police Archives (1989) and The Blood Sword (1989).

Chan’s first feature film is A Moment of Romance (1990), a commercial and critical success that became a cherished work of Hong Kong cinema’s last Golden Age. Continuing to work in both film and television, he gained acclaim for action films like Man Wanted (1995, co-directed with Steve Cheng) and Big Bullet (1996) and television series like Who’s The Winner (1991), The Kung Fu Master (1994) and Fist of Fury (1995).

Since 1998, Chan had switched focus on film, co-directing Who Am I? (1998) with Jackie Chan and making a series of wellreceived films, including the Jackie Chan vehicles New Police Story (2004) and Rob B-Hood (2006), the action youth film Gen X Cops (1999) and its sequel Gen Y Cops (2000), the multiple Golden Horse Awards winner Divergence (2005), the Hollywood film-adapted Chinese co-production Connected (2008), the scifi film City Under Siege (2010) and the co-production hit Shaolin (2011).

Chan had been five-time nominee for Best Director at the Hong Kong Film Awards and had directed actors in award winning performances, such as Ng Man-tat winning Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards for A Moment of Romance, Jackie Chan being conferred Best Actor at the Golden Rooster Awards for New Police Story, Aaron Kwok winning Best Actor at the Golden Horse Awards for Divergence and Daniel Wu bagging Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Horse Awards and the Hundred Flowers Awards for New Police Story. His films had also won many technical prizes at both the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Golden Horse Awards.

He is also the producer of Final Romance (2001) and If U Care (2002).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《掃毒》
The White Storm
2011 《新少林寺》
2010 《全城戒備》
City Under Siege
2008 《保持通話》
2007 《男兒本色》
Invisible Target
2006 《寶貝計劃》
Rob B-Hood
2005 《三岔口》
2004 《新警察故事》
New Police Story
2003 《雙雄》
Heroic Duo
2000 《特警新人類2》
Gen Y-Cops
1999 《特警新人類》
Gen-X Cops
1998 《我是誰》
Who Am I ? CHAN Jackie
1998 《我是誰》
Who Am I? CHAN Jackie
1996 《衝鋒隊怒火街頭》
Big Bullet
1995 《旺角的天空》
Man Wanted CHENG Wai Man
1995 《歡樂時光》
Happy Hour
1993 《天若有情II 之天長地久》
A Moment of Romance II
1993 《新仙鶴神針》
The Magic Crane
1992 《嘩!英雄》
What a Hero!
1991 《帶子洪郎》
Son on the Run
1990 《天若有情》
A Moment of Romance