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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Philip CHAN
陳欣健 | CHAN Philip

The biggest satisfaction of my life was in leaving behind the diamond-crested rice bowl of the Royal Hong Kong Police to emerge myself in the risky business of directing, which brought endless dreams and imaginations to the people of the world.


Born in Hong Kong in 1945, Philip Chan Yan-kin was fond of performing while going to La Salle College and had formed bands to compete in music contests. He became a member of the Royal Hong Kong Police force in 1965, reaching the rank of Superintendent in 1974.

He worked with actress-director Josephine Siao and director Leung Po-chih on the script of Jumping Ash (1976), infusing the story with his police experience. The commercial hit went on to become a highly influential entry in the Hong Kong crime film, prompting Chan to leave the force to become a member of the film industry.

He first joined Bang Bang Film, serving as producer, writer and actor, working on films like Foxbat (1977), The Extras (1978) and Cops and Robbers (1979). He also worked for Rediffusion Television, hosting shows and acting in the crime drama Manhunt. In 1978, he switched to TVB, performing in a series of shows, mostly crime serials.

Co-directing The Servant (1979) with Ronny Yu marked his feature debut, which Chan followed with Charlie’s Bubbles (1981). With Gladys Liu, he formed Johnson Film Company in 1981, producing the first films of film critics Shu Kei and Wong Chi, respectively Sealed with a Kiss (1981) and Krazy Kops (1981).

Chan continued to work in both film and television, in capacities as varied as producer, writer, actor, variety show host and director, directing, among others, Tong-A Chinatown Story (1986), Inspector Chocolate (1989) and Front Page (1990). His scripts included Long Arm of the Law (1984), which won Best Screenplay at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Chan had served different duties in the Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild, the Hong Kong Film Awards Association and the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild. He had also served in various administrative or director capacities in many show business companies, such as Capitol Artists, Star East Co., Mandarin Films, Emperor Motion Pictures, Endless Idea Management and S.F.G. Emperor.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1990 《新半斤八両》
Front Page
1989 《開心巨無霸》
Mr. Sunshine
1989 《黑道福星》
Carry on Yakuza
1986 《奪寶計中計》
From Here to Prosperity
1986 《霹靂大喇叭》
Where's Officer Bubba? LAU Koon Wai Ricky
1986 《堂口故事》
Tong-A Chinatown Story
1986 《神探朱古力》
Inspector Chocolate
1986 《霹靂大喇叭》
Where's Officer Tuba LAU Koon Wai Ricky
1985 《平安夜》
Night Caller
1984 《雙龍出海》
The Return of Pom Pom
1981 《文仔的肥皂泡》
Charlie's Bubbles
1979 《牆內牆外》
The Servant YU Ronny
1979 《牆內牆外》
The Servants YU Ronny