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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chi CHANG
張旗 | CHANG Chi

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William Chang Chi was born in Szechuan Province in 1950. His father William Lan and mother Chang See-see were both actors. When he was eight years old, he acted in Regrets (1958) under the stage name Lan Ling, which participated in the 5th Asian Film Festival. When he was 12, he appeared in The Great Devotion (1961).

Chang later came to Hong Kong and studies at the Baptist Secondary School, and worked part-time at Shaw Brothers as an assistant gaffer. He learned about filming under the Japanese cinematographer Yukio Miyaki (aka Kung Mu-to), and became a cinematographer himself in 1972 when he shot The Bloody Fists, directed by Ng See-yuen. He later worked at Ng’s company, Seasonal Films, for a number of years, and served as the cinematographer on Anti-corruption (1975), Bruce Lee - True Story (1976) and The Secret Rivals (1976). Chang returned to Taiwan in 1976 to become a director, and made Bruce Lee’s Deadly Kung Fu (1976, co-director: Chan Wah). The following year he formed his own company, Kee Woo Film (Hong Kong) Co., and directed such action films as Hero of the Wild (1977) and Death Duel of Kung Fu (1979). Chang founded another company, Focus Films (H.K.) Co., Ltd., in the 1980s, and served as the presenter and producer on a number of films including New Mr. Vampire (1986), Brotherhood (1987) and Reincarnation (1987). Chang directed his final film, China Heat (co-director: Yang Yang) in 1991, and passed away in 1994.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1991 《中華警花》
China Heat
1984 《武僧》
Ninja Vs Shaolin Guards
1983 《人蛇大戰》
Calamity of Snakes
1980 《盲女與狗》
Dog Ann's Revenge
1979 《鶴形刁手螳螂腿》
Death Duel of Kung Fu
1979 《拜錯師父叩錯頭》
The Eagle's Killer
1978 《南俠展昭》
Ninja Swords of Death
1977 《大武士與小鏢客》
Hero of the Wild
1976 《詠春與截拳》
Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu