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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wai Hung Bryan CHANG
張偉雄 | CHANG Wai Hung Bryan

I realized that I had been walking down a marginal path, which, in retrospect, is not one taken with deliberate planning. Perhaps it’s my personality… Don’t have a lot of companions, and I know it had not been good enough. Yet there had been pleasing sights around, and although steps are often staggered, taking further steps are worthy.

I came from the disappointing 1990s, having seen much that displeased me and becoming frustrated with the working environment, slaving over scripts that had nothing to look towards. Feeling that Hong Kong film was losing its future, I thought about changing jobs. But to what? I remember interviewing at a shipping company and, when asked what I like to do most, I answered: film. Who would hire me? So I started working on my first script, hoping to rise above the mood of disappointment and negativism. After the Crescent became my first feature, making me a member of the 1990s independent movement.

Each person has his/her position; perhaps you’re not sure of your position, and we can have a discussion. My health is not good enough to work in the Mainland, but perhaps this is just an excuse to stay behind to stand guard. Guarding what? I know, I’ll tell you. I’ll keep working, keep standing guard.


Born in Hong Kong, Bryan Chang Wai-hung is a director, critic and screenplay writer. He entered Golden Way, a so-called satellite company of Golden Harvest headed by Jackie Chan, in 1985, contributing to the scripts for The Enchanting Night (1987) and Police Story II (1988). He later worked as an freelance writer, penning the scripts for Set Me Free (1988), Close Escape (1989), Blue Lightning (1991) and other films.

Chang is a key figure in Hong Kong’s independent cinema, His first film After the Crescent (1997) was made by raising funds through non-commercial means. The film is one of the first features to receive funding from the newly established Art Development Council. Chang went on to finish his “Crescent Trilogy” by making the follow-ups Among the Stars (2000) and And Also the Eclipse (2004). He had also directed documentaries, such as Hop(e)fully Yours (2011), about street-dancing hip hop culture of Hong Kong.

Since 2000, Chang had been tutoring scriptwriting classes for the Hong Kong Scriptwriters’ Guild, lectured at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and actively involved in Hong Kong Film Critics Society classes aimed at enhancing understanding of film art in secondary schools. He is also the author of Low Flying (2001), a collection of his film essays and editor of many books.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《好風景》
Women's Horizon
2011 《我們在跳舞》
Hop(e)fully Yours
2008 《十分鍾情》
A Decade of Love MAK Chi Sin Marco YUEN Kin To CHAN Wing Chiu LAM Wah Chuen YEUNG Takkie LAM Oi Wah Aubrey LEE Kung Lok CHUNG Kai Cheong Rico WONG Ching Po
2008 《一角之戀》
First Born Unicorn
2004 《太陽無知》
And Also the Eclipse
2000 《惑星軌跡》
Among the Stars
1997 《月未老》
After the Crescent