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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Soi CHEANG
鄭保瑞 | CHEANG Soi

I’m not someone who loved films all his life.

It was after entering the film industry that I learned from the work how much I like films. I had been scolded by many directors, had had many arguments with technical crews and had my money scammed. I learned a lot from these and from the directors for whom I’d served.

Now I’m still working in film, very much my ideal, and this passion enables me to continue.


Soi Cheang Pou-soi was born in Macau in 1972 and grew up in Hong Kong. He went into film after graduating from secondary school, working as continuity and assistant director for directors such as Ringo Lam, Andrew Lau, Wilson Yip, Wong Jing, Joe Ma and Johnnie To.

In 1998, with the modest budget of HK$1 million, Cheang directed his first feature, the psycho drama Diamond Hill (2000), which was shown in the Far East Film Festival of Udine, Italy and the Toronto International Film Festival. He then directed three lowbudget digital-video films Our Last Days (1999), The House of No Man (1999) and Beach Girl (1999) for B & S Films, a company that catered to the straight-to-video market.

With the backing of Joe Ma, Cheang directed Horror Hotline… Big Head Monster (2001), a suspense-horror film which garnered positive reviews and the Best Editing award at the Milan International Film Festival. Ma continued to collaborate with Cheang after that, producing his Love Battlefields (2004) and codirecting Hidden Heroes (2004) with him.

In 2003, Cheang was nominated for Best New Director at the Hong Kong Film Awards for New Blood (2002), which was named one of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society’s Recommended Films. The same accolade was conferred on his 2005 release Home Sweet Home, which was followed by Dog Bit Dog (2006) and Shamo (2008), both marked by their stylized treatment of violence.

Cheang joined Johnnie To’s company Milky Way in 2009, his first project there Accident (2009), which was shown in competition at the Venice International Film Festival and won the Best Screenplay award at the Asia Pacific Film Festival; Michelle Ye Xuan also won the Best Supporting Actress prize at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Motorway (2012) was awarded Best Film by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society and Cheang was named Best Director for the film by the Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《車手》
2009 《意外》
2008 《軍雞》
2006 《狗咬狗》
Dog Bit Dog
2005 《怪物》
Home Sweet Home
2004 《愛。作戰》
Love Battlefield
2004 《追擊8 月15》
Hidden Heroes MA Joe
2003 《古宅心慌慌》
The Death Curse
2002 《熱血青年》
New Blood
2001 《恐怖熱線之大頭怪嬰》
Horror Hotline…Big Head
1999 《第100 日》
Our Last Days
1999 《摩登姑婆屋》
The House of No Man
1999 《水着 青春 救生》
Beach Girl
1998 《發光石頭》
Diamond Hill