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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Angie CHEN
陳安琪 | CHEN Angie

Friends said I’m like fire.

Impetuous, temperamental, like a volcano, erupting regularly.

I believe one has to have passion, playing with passion, loving with passion. Fire is life force, it can ignite life, illuminate the road ahead, provide a glimmer of light in the darkness of night.

Film is my mentor. From when I was a baby, it was glowing on the screen of my life. Mother was fond of watching films, often taking the infant me into theaters. Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton, running to the accompaniment of piano music, became friends closest to my heart.

During secondary school, I often skip classes to see films, sometimes watching three in one day. Mother was hospitalized by cancer, and film was my guardian angel. I was protected, like the little girl in Pan’s Labyrinth, as I escaped from reality, entering imaginary worlds of fancy and of burning fire. I’m lucky, that the fire of film is still burning in my life.


Angie Chen was born in Shanghai in 1949 and went to school in Taiwan. She then studied at the University of Iowa, obtaining Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Communication. Working in film and television in the U.S. after graduation, she also studied at UCLA, graduating with a Master’s degree in film. After directing the short Der Besuch (1979), which won an award at the Toronto Super 8 Film Festival, she worked on Liu Chiachang’s The Flag (1981), after which she entered the Hong Kong film industry, serving as assistant director on such films as Jackie Chan’s Dragon Lord (1982).

Eager to direct, Chen approached Shaw Brothers executive Mona Fong and was given the opportunities to direct May Be It’s Love (1984) and My Name Ain’t Suzie (1985), the latter winning Best Supporting Actress (for Deanie Ip) at the Hong Kong Film Awards(1986).

After finishing Chaos by Design (1988), Chen decided to focus on making commercials, enjoying a successful career in that field.

After an absence of 20 years, Chen resumed making featurelength films, directing the documentaries This Darling Life (2008), which was nominated for Best documentary by the Goldne Horse Awards, and One Tree Three Lives (2012), which premiered at the Hong Kong International Film Festival and was later named Recommended Film by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《三生三世 聶華苓》
One Tree Three Lives
2008 《愛與狗同行》
This Daring Life
1988 《愛情謎語》
Chaos By Design
1985 《花街時代》
My Name Ain't Suzie
1983 《窺情》
Maybe It's Love