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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chih hwa CHEN
陳誌華 | CHEN Chih hwa

The advent of digital technologies have slowly superseded the celluloid age, and what is left is but memories and nostalgia. The rapid development of cinema had left our generation of filmmakers behind.

Looking back at the old action films, I cannot help but feel a sense of indelible sadness. Nowadays films are made with much bigger budgets and more advanced equipment, which I hope the younger generation will cherish and create more and better films.

(excerpted from Chen’s Weibo http://weibo.365jilin.com/lizixiong- Waise)


Chen Chih-hwa, was born in 1946 to a family of film practitioners in Taiwan. His father Chen Chung-yi and uncle Chen Chung-hsin were both cinematographers who shot Taiwan dialect films, and Chen and his three brothers all followed in their father’s footsteps and had worked as cinematographers. Chen himself served for a time at Li Han-hsiang’s Grand Motion Pictures, and later crisscrossed frequently between Hong Kong and Taiwan for various film assignments. His work as a cinematographer included Cheat to Cheat (1973), directed by Li Han-hsiang; The Fate of Lee Khan (1973), directed by King Hu; The Miserable Girl (1975) and Girl with the Long Hair (1975), directed by Ho Fan; New Fist of Fury (1976), directed by Lo Wei.

Chen made his directorial debut in 1974 with Kung Fu 10th Dan (A.K.A. Dragons Never Die), which was a co-production between Hong Kong and the Philippines. He also acted as the deputy director on I Want More (1976) and Shaolin Wooden Men (1976), which in effect meant he was a co-director with Yang Chun and Lo Wei, respectively, on the two films.

After making New Fist of Fury, Chen became friends with Jackie Chan, which began a long period of collaboration between them. Chan acted as martial arts coordinator on many of director Chen’s works such as Dance of Death (1976) and The 36 Crazy Fist (1977), while Chen also directed Jackie Chan in Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin (1977) and Half a Loaf of Kung Fu (1979), while serving as deputy director on most of the films directed by Jackie Chan during the 1980s.

Chen’s other directorial output includes The Young Taoism Fighter (1986), Young Dragons - Kung Fu Kids II (1986), Vampire Settle on Police Camp (1990) and Retreat of the Godfather (1991). In 2008, Chen directed A Hero Never Dies, a historical action TV series set in the Sino-Japanese War.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1998 《天庭外傳》
Heavenly Legend
1997 《1997 飛虎奇兵》
Flying Tigers 1997
1997 《赤色玫瑰》
Got No Choice
1991 《大哥讓位》
Retreat of the Godfather
1990 《一眉道姑》
Vampire Settle on Police Camp
1990 《小鬼大哥大》
Little Kids Beat the Boss
1986 《陰陽奇兵》
The Young Taoism Fighter
1986 《好小子第2 集》
Young Dragons - Kung Fu Kids II
1979 《點止功夫咁簡單》
Half a Loaf of Kung Fu
1979 《醉猴女》
The Ape Girl
1978 《真白蛇傳》
Love of the White Snake
1977 《龍蛇俠影》
The Face Behind the Mask
1977 《聖劍風雲》
Imperial Sword
1977 《蛇鶴八步》
Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin
1977 《三十六迷形拳》
The 36 Crazy Fist
1976 《官人!我要…》
I Want More
1976 《少林木人巷》
Shaolin Wooden Men LO Wei
1976 《舞拳》
Dance of Death
1974 《國術十段》
Kung Fu 10th Dan