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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Teddy CHEN
陳德森 | CHEN Teddy

I can’t speak of any directing skills. All I want with every film is to develop a script that meet my own expectations, so that the entire team of the production understands what kind of films they are making.

The most memorable experience was preparing for Bodyguards and Assassins, which took me and my team ten long years. A bittersweet experience.

So many Chinese actors I had worked with that I liked. One actor I had worked with recently is Nicholas Tse; I really respect his dedication to his work.

If not directing, I guess I still can’t leave the film industry; perhaps I’ll be a full-time producer!


Born in Hong Kong in April 26, 1958, Teddy Chen went to secondary school in Taiwan and Hong Kong. He began his entertainment career in 1978, when he was invited by producer Tsui Siuming to play a role in a Redifussion Television drama. He later served as personal assistant to the star Jackie Chan, who introduced him into the film industry. Chen went on to work in the industry in various capacities, including writing, assistant directing, producing and acting.

He started directing in 1989 with the comedy Alien Wife, which was not shown until 1991. His second film is also a comedy, Two of a Kind (1993), followed by Twenty Something (1994), a drama about the love lives of young professionals.

After showcasing a talent for action films scripting the Jackie Chan vehicle Crime Story (1993), Chen directed Downtown Torpedoes (1997), which blends action with high-tech effects and won the Best Action Choreography award at the Hong Kong Film Awards. He then directed Purple Storm (1997) and Accidental Spy (2001), both big-budget productions that also won the Best Action Choreography awards.

Aimed at reaching the vastly diverse markets in different Chinese areas, Chen established Jin Chuan Pictures in 2002, producing the provocative drama Twenty Something, Taipei (2002) in Taiwan and the romantic comedy Hidden Tracks (2003) in Hong Kong. He later formed Sum-Wood Productions, which made the fantasy tale Wait ’Til You’re Older (2005).

Chen enjoyed another career high in 2009 when, with the help of producer Peter Chan, he directed the actioner Bodyguards and Assassins (2009), which he had been preparing for years. The film became a huge hit in China, Hong Kong and elsewhere, going on to win eight prizes at the Hong Kong Film Awards, including Best Film and Best Directing.

His latest film is Kung Fu Jungle (2014).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2009 《十月圍城》
Bodyguards and Assassins
2005 《童夢奇緣》
Wait 'Til You're Older
2003 《1:99 電影行動》
1:99 CHEUNG Mabel LAW Alex TSUI Hark CHAN Gordon LAU Andrew CHAN Peter MA Joe CHOW Sing Chi Stephen CHAN Fruit MAK Shiu Fai Alan LAM Dante
2001 《特務迷城》
The Accidental Spy
1999 《紫雨風暴》
Purple Storm
1997 《神偷諜影》
Downtown Torpedoes
1994 《晚9 朝5》
Twenty Something
1994 《點指兵兵之青年幹探》
In the Heat of Summer
1993 《情人知己》
Two of a Kind
1991 《我老婆唔係人》
Alien Wife