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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Clement CHENG
鄭思傑 | CHENG Clement

A psychotic cannot separate a false reality from true reality; this “impaired contact with reality” may express itself in delusion or hallucination or some other altered state experienced only by the psychotic person—a precise description of the writing / directing act! We writers / directors make our living by creating a false reality. We alone inhabit that solitary universe, exploring and domesticating it until the time comes for a studio/ investor to entice other people to join us-by which time, of course, we’re merrily constructing another false reality. Most of the time the solitary universe is far more interesting than the dull reality we live in. Often we get so caught up in the false reality that we lose track of which reality is real, or even which one we want to be real.


Born in Hong Kong, grew up in Canada. Clement Cheng Szekit’s directorial debut is the critically acclaimed Gallants (2010), which earned him multiple nominations for best new director, including NETPAC. Gallants won Best Film 2010 at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society, 2010 Asia’s 10 Most Notable Film by the Wall Street Journal, 10 Best Film 2010 by the Beijing News, Most Notable Film 2010 by the Hong Kong Directors’ Guild and Best Screenplay by the Hong Kong Screenwriters’ Guild. The same year, Cheng directed his second feature, Merry-Go-Round, which was named Best Chinese Film 2010 by Film Critics China. Cheng was nominated Best Director and Best Screenplay at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards, Gallants won Best Picture amongst 4 awards out of 7 nominations, and Merry-Go-Round also won the Best Original Film Song award.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2010 《打擂台》
Gallants KWOK Tsz Kin Derek
2010 《東風破》
Merry-Go-Round MAK Yan Yan