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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wai Man CHENG
鄭偉文 | CHENG Wai Man

Newcomers to film need not just passion but also will and physical toughness! Don’t think that just because you
gave, then you will receive. Consider this job as enhancing life experience and training!


Born in Hong Kong in 1963, Steve Cheng Wai-man joined TVB in 1983 as production assistant. He switched to Asia Television in 1989 to work as director and was promoted to producer in 1996, the first program he produced Coincidentally (1997).

He directed his first film when approached by Benny Chan to codirect Man Wanted (1995). He then directed an episode of the omnibus film Troublesome Night (1997), followed by over a dozen films, most of them horror flicks or thrillers.

Cheng left ATV in 2001 to focus on making films and television dramas, returning in 2004 to serve as production manager and other executive roles, overseeing the production of programs like Central Affairs (2005), Relentless Justice (2005) and A Dream Named Desire II (2006), etc.

He left ATV again in 2007, working actively in film and television in China, Taiwan and Singapore, such as directing the Singaporean series On the Fringe (2011), which received good ratings and favorable reviews. Cheng also made the series Romance of Tang’ Kongfu (2013) for CCTV of China.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《我們都不完美》
2007 《魔鬼天使》
Lethal Angels
2005 《我亞媽發仔瘟》
Where is Mama's Boy
2005 《妃子笑》
The China's Next Top Princess
2003 《賭俠之人定勝天》
Fate Fighter
2003 《非典人生》
City Of SARS
2003 《少年刀手》
Killer 2
2002 《枕邊凶靈》
Sleeping With The Dead
2000 《暴力刑警》
Violent Cop 99
2000 《生人勿近邪花》
Horoscope II - The Woman From Hell
2000 《魔鬼教師》
Evil Fade
2000 《生化特警喪屍任務》
1999 《生人勿近之問米》
Horoscope 1 - The Voice From Hell
1999 《勾魂惡夢》
Erotic Nightmare
1999 《新家法》
Rules of the Game
1999 《監獄風雲之少年犯》
The Young Ones
1998 《強姦陷阱》
Rape Trap
1997 《旺角大家姐》
Ghost Story : Godmother Of Mong Kok
1997 《陰陽路》
(The First Segment )
Troublesome Night YAU Herman TAM Long Cheung Victor
1995 《旺角的天空》
Man Wanted CHAN Muk Shing Benny