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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chi Leung Jacob CHEUNG
張之亮 | CHEUNG Chi Leung Jacob

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Jacob Cheung Chi-leung was born in Hong Kong in 1959. After graduating from secondary school, he entered the actor training program at TVB, working as production assistant upon completion. In 1983, he joined Cinema City as producer, later switching to Bo Ho Films.

Cheung made his directorial debut with Lai Shi, China’s Last Eunuch (1988), for which he was nominated Best Director by the Hong Kong Film Awards. He formed Dream Factory Film in 1988, directing his second film Beyond the Sunset (1989), which won Best Film and Best Screenplay at the Hong Kong Film Awards. In 1990, he established Filmagica Productions, where he directed Goodbye Hero (1990), Lover’s Tear (1991) and Cageman (1992), the latter winning Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

In 1993, Cheung established Simpson Communication, producing Chinese director Huang Jianxin’s Back to Back, Face to Face (1994) and Taiwan director Chang Tso-chi’s Midnight Revenge (1994). Also in 1993, he joined United Filmmakers Organization as director and producer, making such films as Always on My Mind (1993), What Ever Will Be, Will Be (1995), Yesterday You, Yesterday Me III (1997) and Intimates (1997). Always on My Mind was nominated for Best Film at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

In 1998, over 20 directors, in response to the Hong Kong film industry’s problems, banded together to form Midas Film, making films for which directors and stars forfeit payment for profit sharing. Its first project was The Kid (1999), for which both director Jacob Cheung and star Leslie Cheung were paid a salary of $1. That was the company’s only project, until Christmas Rose (2013), directed by Charlie Young and produced by Tsui Hark and Cheung.Cheung remained active in the 21st Century, he directed Anita Mui in one of her last works Midnight Fly (2001). He is among the Hong Kong directors who enjoyed success in China, working on the Chinese television series Hero on the Silk Road (2004, codirected with Chin Siu-ho), followed by the Hong Kong-China- Japan-Korea co-production A Battle of Wits (2005), which was named Best Film by the Golden Bauhinia Awards and was nominated for Best Director by the Hong Kong Film Awards. His 3D production White Haired Witch is scheduled to be released in 2014.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2011 《肩上蝶》
Rest on Your Shoulder
2008 《車票》
2005 《墨攻》
A Battle of Wits
2001 《有人說愛我》
Never Say Goodbye
2001 《慌心假期》
Midnight Fly
1999 《流星語》
The Kid
1997 《記得……香蕉成熟時Ⅲ為妳鍾情》
Yesterday You, Yesterday Me III
1997 《自梳》
1995 《仙樂飄飄》
What Ever Will Be, Will Be
1994 《等着你回來》
The Returning
1993 《搶錢夫妻》
Always on My Mind
1992 《籠民》
1991 《誓不忘情》
Lover's Tear
1990 《玩命雙雄》
Goodbye Hero
1989 《飛越黃昏》
Beyond the Sunset
1988 《中國最後一個太監》
Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch