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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Sing Yim CHEUNG
張鑫炎 | CHEUNG Sing Yim

Being a director… scary! Scary! In my next life, if I have the funds, I would invite film critics to direct, then the quality of Hong Kong cinema would definitely enjoy a flying leap… Ha ha!


Cheung Sing-yim (a.k.a.Chang Hsin-yen) was born in 1935 in Zhejiang, China. After his family immigrated to Hong Kong in 1950, he worked at the film developing unit of Nanyang Film Studio, learning about film processing and editing. Promoted to editor in 1952, he worked on over 30 films there before switching to Great Wall in 1958, first as editor and then as assistant director, learning from such noted directors as Li Pingqian (Jack Li), Cheng Pu-kao (Cheng Bugao) and Hu Siao-fung.

He made his directorial debut with Adventure of the Talents (1962, co-directed with Li Chi-ming), followed by Treasure Island (1964, co-directed with Fu Chi). The Jade Bow (1966, again co-directed with Fu Chi), was instrumental in establishing the new direction for the martial arts films of Hong Kong.

Cheung’s first solo efforts were Oh, the Spring is Here (1968) and Boom or Bust (1968), with which he embarked on a directorial career of over 30 years.

His White Haired Devil Lady (1979) went on location in Huangshan and was among the first Hong Kong films to shoot in China. The Shaolin Temple (1982), again made in China, at the real Shaolin Temple in Songshan, Henan, was an unexpected big hit, and, having introduced to the world the future superstar Jet Li, a martial arts classic.

Between 1986 and 1994, he served in the management of Sil- Metropole, continuing as advisor after his retirement. In 2000, he adapted The Shaolin Temple into a 20-episode television serial, co-directing with the famed director and martial arts choreographer Yuen Wo-ping. The last film he worked on was Mr. Cinema (2007), as co-producer.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1996 《太極拳》
Tai Chi II YUEN Wo Ping
1991 《武林聖鬥士》
Deadend of Besiegers
1988 《黃河大俠》
Yellow River Fighter
1984 《少林小子》
Kids From Shaolin
1982 《少林寺》
The Shaolin Temple
1980 《白髮魔女傳》
White Haired Devil Lady
1979 《通天臨記》
The Almighty Extra
1978 《巴士奇遇結良緣》
Romance on the Bus
1976 《大風浪》
The Stormy Sea
1975 《紅纓刀》
The Red Tasseled Sword
1974 《萬紫千紅》
A Brilliant Spectacle
1972 《友誼花開》
Friendship in Full Bloom
1971 《俠骨丹心》
The Patriotic Knights
1969 《三劍客》
Three in One
1968 《迎春花》
Oh, the Spring is Here
1968 《過路財神》
Boom or Bust
1967 《雙鎗黃英姑》
Ying Ku
1966 《雲海玉弓緣》
The Jade Bow
1964 《五虎將》
Treasure Island
1963 《心上人》
Adventure of the Talents