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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Tung Joe CHEUNG
張同祖 | CHEUNG Tung Joe

Those who truly love film cannot be bad people!

Those who truly love film would pursue Truth, wish for Goodness, long for Beauty, demand Independence, aspire to be different from others yet sharing with them the feelings of joy, anger, sadness and happiness, as well as the emotions for birth, aging, sickness and death. To grow and live life in the world of film is extremely busy, who would have time left for badness! No regret for this life, I wish for being a filmmaker again in the next.

I love those who love film.


Born in July 24, 1944, in Guangxi and moving to Hong Kong with his parents at age four, Cheung Tung-joe was fond of movies in his early years. He entered the film industry in 1970, serving as actor and assistant director in such companies as Shaw Brothers, Golden Harvest and Yangtse. He went to Taiwan in 1975, serving as scriptwriter and assistant director for the director Pai Chingjui. His first film is Kung Fu of Dammoh Styles, made in 1977 in Taiwan but was never shown in Hong Kong. He returned in 1979, first directing The Incredible Kung-Fu Master, followed by a steady string of films, sometimes serving also as scriptwriter and producer. Works include Pom Pom!, with an impressive box-office take of over HK$20,000,000; The Flaming Brothers, starring Chow Yun-fat and Allan Tang; Bet On Fire, featuring Cherie Chung; Return Engagement, with Andy Lau and Tang; Pom Pom and Hot Hot, starring Jacky Cheung and Stephen Tung Wai; The True Hero, starring Simon Yam; and, My Dad Is a Jerk with Lau Ching-wan, Shu Qi and Cecilia Yip. For Twin Dragon (1991), a project launched to raise funds for the Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild, Cheung served as writer and producer. In 2010, he directed Kung Fu Wing Chun.

Cheung acted in over 80 films and television dramas, often playing fathers and other elderly characters. Active in volunteer work, he was President of the Hong Kong Directors’ Guild, Chairman of the Board of the Hong Kong Film Awards and is currently the Lifetime Honorary President of the Directors’ Guild, Vice President of the Hong Kong Screenwriters’ Guild and a member of the Board of Advisors of the Hong Kong government’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Cheung was also active in early stages of establishing the Hong Kong Film Art Association, the Society of Film Editors (HK) and the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2010 《功夫詠春》
Kung Fu Wing Chun
1997 《對不起,多謝你》
My Dad is a Jerk!
1994 《暴雨驕陽》
The True Hero
1992 《神槍手與咖喱雞》
Pom Pom and Hot Hot
1991 《豪門夜宴》
The Banquet KO Chi Sum Clifton CHEUNG Kin Ting Alfred TSUI Hark
1990 《再戰江湖》
Return Engagement
1988 《火舞風雲》
Bet On Fire
1988 《好女十八嫁》
18 Times
1987 《江湖龍虎鬥》
The Flaming Brothers
1986 《神勇雙响炮續集》
1985 《開心三響炮》
Funny Triple
1984 《初哥》
Challenge on Chasing Girls
1984 《神勇雙响炮》
Pom Pom !
1981 《胆搏胆》
Revenge in Hong Kong
1980 《搏紮》
The Killer in White
1979 《醒目仔蠱惑招》
The Incredible Kung-Fu Master
1977 《鐵手無情追魂令》
Kung Fu of Dammoh Styles