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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Han CHIN
畢仁序 | CHIN Han

I read the Crossroad script in 1975 and really liked it. But wen yi pian (literary dramas) had no market then and I decided to form Today Motion Picture. I mortgaged the house to finance the film. Though made with a small budget, the film did rather well. Later, in 1978, I directed Dream of the Red Chamber, also self-financed. In 1980, I made another costume picture Imperious Princess. After that, film experienced a recession and I dared not continue.


Chin Han was born in Shandong, China, in 1935, immigrating with his family to Hong Kong at age five. After graduating from secondary school, he entered Shaw Brothers in 1960, first working continuity on director Griffin Yue Feng’s The Swallow Thief (1961). He then started acting, first performing in Revenge of a Swordswoman (1963). He became a star after Lady General Hua Mu Lan (1964), the filming of which he fell in love with leading lady Ivy Ling Po, marrying her in 1966. They became a popular act, starring together in several films, including The Female Prince (1964), Song of Tomorrow (1967) and Duel for Gold (1971). Chin also took the lead in The Warlord And the Actress (1964), The Dragon Creek (1967), My Dream Boat (1967), Summer Heat (1968) and River Of Tears (1969).

After fulfilling his contract with Shaws in 1974, Chin went to Taiwan, appearing in such films as Sergeant Hsiung (1974) and Eight Hundred Heroes (1976).

Chin and Ling formed Today Motion Picture in 1975, appearing together in its first film Crossroad (1976), which he also directed. Chin followed that with two more directorial efforts, Dream of the Red Chamber (1978) and Imperious Princess (1980), both starring Ling and both featuring tunes of the folk opera huangmei, a musical format with which Ling was passionately associated by fans.

Chin immigrated with Ling to Toronto, Canada, in 1989, retiring from film, except for a cameo appearance in Rice Rhapsody (2004), directed by his son Kenneth Bi.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1980 《金枝玉葉》
Imperious Princess
1978 《新紅樓夢》
Dream of the Red Chamber
1976 《十字路口》
1966 《零下三點》
Three Degrees Below Zero KUO Joseph