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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wellson CHIN
錢慈良 | CHIN Wellson

It was said that there are always regrets in art. Indeed. On every film, limitations can be caused by financing, shooting schedules, actors, release dates and other factors. Directors want to make films accepted by the audience; as a good director, what matters is not the amount of investment or the size of the cast but to take advantage of what you have to enable the whole team to realize its best, increasing the value of the film in the process.


Wellson Chin Sing-wai was born in Hong Kong in 1957. He joined Golden Harvest in 1978, working continuity on the films of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, later serving as assistant director to Hung.

Chin graduated to directing with the action comedy Naughty Boys (1986), followed by The Inspector Wears Skirts (1988), another action comedy but featuring a commando squad of policewomen. The film was a big hit, spawning three sequels.

In 1991, Chin teamed up with Abe Kwong to form P.U. Production, making mostly horror productions of modest budgets, mostly directed by Chin. The company’s slate included a series of works featuring a date in their Chinese titles, which had come to be known as “date horror” films, gaining critical acclaim and enjoying a cult following. Among the company’s films, The Day that Doesn’t Exist (1995) was conferred the Most Creative honor at the Golden Bauhinia Awards, July 13th (1996) was nominated for Best Supporting Actress (for Helena Lo aka Law Lan) at the Hong Kong Film Awards and Once in a Lifetime (1995) was named by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society as one of 1995’s Recommended Films.

Stepping into the 21st Century, Chin directed Vampire Hunters (2003), written and produced by Tsui Hark, and served as executive director on Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle (2004) and CJ7 (2007). He also ventured into China, directing television serials and films.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2011 《非狐外傳》
The Extreme Fox
2003 《殭屍大時代》
Vampire Hunters
1999 《三五成群》
Street Kids Violence
1999 《七月又十四之信不信由你》
Believe It or Not
1997 《猛鬼通宵陪住你》
24 Hrs Ghost Story
1997 《四月四日》
1996 《七月十三之龍婆》
July 13th
1995 《二月三十》
The Day That Doesn't Exist KO Lam Pau Danny
1995 《終生大事》
Once in a Life Time
1994 《正月十五之一生一世》
The Third Full Moon,
1993 《香港也瘋狂》
Crazy Hong Kong
1993 《七月十四》
Thou Shalt Not Swear
1992 《92 霸王花與霸王花》
Inspector Wears Skirts IV
1992 《超級女警》
Super Lady Cop
1990 《天師捉姦》
Ghostly Vixen
1990 《皇家賭船》
Raid on Royal Casino Marine
1990 《太陽之子》
Prince of the Sun HUA Shan
1989 《神勇飛虎霸王花》
The Inspector Wears Skirts II
1988 《霸王花》
The Inspector Wears Skirts
1986 《扭計雜牌軍》
Naughty Boys