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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wing Keung Andy CHIN
錢永強 | CHIN Wing Keung Andy

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Andy Chin Wing-keung was born to a family engaged in the movie business. His father, Lui Ming, was an actor in Cantonese cinema in the 1960s and became a producer and distributor in the 1970s and 80s. The younger Chin’s upbringing inside the movie studios fostered a keen interest in film culture since an early age. First he became a co-writer, assistant producer and art director for Crazy Blood (1983), which was produced by his father’s company. He then spent seven years as assistant director for helmers the likes of Yeung Kuen, Angie Chen and Jaime Luk.

Chin’s directorial debut was Gift from Heaven (1989), which was well-received within the industry. He later directed films such as To Catch a Thief (1991), Sisters in Law (1992), Call Girl ’92 (1992), Love Among the Triad (1993), Female Internment Camp 1993 (1993), The Dragon Chronicles – The Maidens (1994), Why Wild Girls (1994), How Deep is Your Love (1994) and Wind Beneath the Wing (1995). Women were often in the center of his films during that period and Love Among The Triad earned Veronica Yip a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

In 1997, Chin veered from this thematic concerns and directed two horror films, 02:00AM and 03:00AM. He made the switch to mainland China in 1998 and directed the television drama Dragon Hall, starring Jordan Chan. In 2011, Chin directed the stage musical Born To Be a Hero, featuring music and songs penned by Peter Kam.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2008 《畫皮》
Painted Skin CHAN Gordon KO Lam Pau Danny
2000 《緣份的世紀》
Are You Lonesome Tonight
1998 《杭州王爺》
The Lord of Hangzhou
1997 《夜半2 點鐘》
1997 《夜半3 點鐘》
1995 《空中小姐》
Wind Beneath the Wings
1994 《新天龍八部之天山童姥》
The Dragon Chronicles - The Maidens
1994 《風塵三女俠》
Why Wild Girls
1994 《霓虹光管高高掛之女子公寓》
How Deep is Your Love
1994 《青春火花》
1993 《愛在黑社會的日子》
Love Among the Triad
1993 《傻大姐翻轉瘋人院》
Crazy Women
1993 《女子監獄1993》
Female Internment Camp 1993
1992 《夜夜伴肥嬌》
Changing Partners
1992 《舞男情未了》
Gigolo and Whore II
1992 《積奇& 瑪莉》
Sisters in Law
1992 《92 應召女郎》
Call Girl '92
1991 《契媽唔易做》
To Catch a Thief
1989 《打工狂想曲》
Gift From Heaven