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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Long CHING
晴朗 | CHING Long

Thanks to producer Stella Ho, I was able to work at TVB for ten years. The day I got my gold medal commemorating ten years of service at TVB, I bumped into Eric Tsang, who suggested that I direct a musical film, so I left TVB without hesitation to pursue my dreams. I spent another nine years in this process, during which I encountered a lot of people, including my elders in the profession, old friends, and strangers. I discovered that in this business, it is not enough to work hard and be good at your job; you also need to have luck and meet the right people. Until now, even though I am still not too successful, whenever I see Eric Tsang, he would always ask me what I was doing. At first I didn’t understand his motivation, but later I realized that he was testing me to see whether I had given up on film. I am very thankful to Eric. He brought me into the business, gave me many opportunities and allowed me to learn a great deal about films.


Ching Long was born in Hong Kong in 1973 and attended Queen’s College. Upon graduation, he studied graphic design in Sydney, Australia, but dropped out two years later. After enrolling in TVB’s production assistant training course, he began working as a production assistant at the TV station. His talents were recognized by TVB’s manager of variety program Stella Ho, who arranged for Ching to work in her department. He participated in the production of many variety programs over the next decade and accumulated a wealth of experience.

Ching left TVB in 2003 and, on the referral of Eric Tsang, began working in the film industry as producer and director. He codirected with Herman Yau the feature film, Cocktail (2006), followed by Citizen King, which he co-directed with Johnson Lee. The latter was screened at the Hong Kong Asian Independent Film Festival as well as the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Since 2009, Ching had been making music videos for East Asia Record Production and had directed almost one hundred works. In 2012, Ching used a real-life Mainland Chinese love story as the basis for a documentary road movie, Love Stairs, which featured the a cappella group C All Star. It was screened in many international film festivals, and was awarded the Gold Award, Documentary Film Competition, at the California Film Awards.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《天梯》
Love Stairs
2006 《半醉人間》
Cocktail YAU Herman
2006 《金國民》
Citizen King