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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Sung Kee Derek CHIU
趙崇基 | CHIU Sung Kee Derek

Since leaving university, I had not worked in any fields other than film and television. All the while, I had thought directing represented the whole of my life.

Over twenty years as director, making close to twenty films; there are good ones and bad ones, there was joy and there was sorrow, just like humankind.

Looking back at these twenty years and looking towards the future, I wish that in addition to making good films performed by other people, I also performed well in my own life. After all, it may not be difficult playing a role deliberately, but it is not easy playing oneself plainly.


Derek Chiu Sung-kee was born in 1961 in Hong Kong. He studied literature at the National Taiwan University, having directed three stage plays and three 8mm shorts while a student. Returning to Hong Kong, he entered ATV as production assistant, moving up to director in 1986. Chiu joined TVB in 1987 and was promoted to senior director in 1991, making over 30 drama series and television films like A Story of Two Drifters (1989). One of the dramas had won a prize at the New York International Film and TV Festival.

His first film as director is Pink Bomb (1992), followed by Mr. Sardine (1994) and Oh! My Three Guys… (1994), the latter nominated for Best Newcomer at the Hong Kong Film Awards (for Eric Kot). His The Log (1996) was included in the Ten Best list of 1996 by the Hong Kong Film Critics Association and received several nominations from the Hong Kong Film Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, winning the Best Actor prize for Kent Cheng, who was also nominated by the Golden Bauhinia Awards. And Final Justice (1997) won the Best Actress award (for Almen Wong) at the East Asia Film Festival of Penang, Malaysia. Comeuppance (2000) was shown at the Berlinale as well as shown in competition in Tokyo Filmex.

Road to Dawn (2006) was invited to the Hawaii International Film Festival and received several awards at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Directing a steady string of films in the 2000s, Chiu expanded his directorial reach to Mainland China, making My Boy Friends (2012) for the Chinese market.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《我的男男男男朋友》
My Boy Friends
2011 《英雄喋血》
72 Martyrs
2010 《一路有你》
The Road Less Traveled
2007 《兄弟》
2006 《夜‧ 明》
Road To Dawn
2003 《30 分鐘戀愛》
Lost Horizon
2002 《2 人三足》
Time 4 Hope
2002 《慳錢家族》
Frugal Game
2001 《愛情觀自在》
Love Au Zen
2000 《天有眼》
1999 《甜言蜜語》
Sealed with a Kiss
1997 《最後判決》
Final Justice
1997 《天才與白痴》
Ah Fai The Dumb
1996 《三個受傷的警察》
The Log
1994 《沙甸魚殺人事件》
Mr. Sardine
1994 《三個相愛的少年》
Oh! My Three Guys…
1992 《人生得意衰盡歡》
Pink Bomb