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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chun Wing CHOW
周振榮 | CHOW Chun Wing

In the film industry, there are stars who are worthy of respect, who are professional and are the same inside and out. One who impressed me the most is Chow Yun-fat, whose kindness and dedication are admirable. I remember fondly the making of Prison on Fire II, on a hot summer day, Brother Fat arrived on the set and immediately went to the costume lady and asked for his costumes. The costume lady was worried that it’d be too hot for him, suggesting that he suit up later. But Brother Fat insisted that the clothes of an escaped prisoner shouldn’t be too clean. Putting them on early can mess up the clothes and make them look more natural. See, this is a star who works with the crew!


Chow Chun-wing made 8mm experimental films in his student days and his work had been shown at the Hong Kong Independent Short Film Exhibition of the Phoenix Cine Club. He entered the film industry in 1978, working continuity on director Lau Kar-leung’s Dirty Ho (1978). Promoted to assistant director in 1982, he started working on cinematography and scriptwriting, contributing to the scripts for Fast Fingers (1983) and I’ll Finally Knock You Down, Dad! (1984). He switched to Cinema City in 1986, working as assistant director on such noted works as Peking Opera Blues (1986), Prison on Fire (1987) and School on Fire (1988).

In 1988, Chow directed his first film Close Escape and wrote the script for Fumbling Cops (1988) the next year. He continued to direct, finishing projects at a steady clip through the 1990s and 2000s. He later formed Twin Star, a production house for television films, television dramas and commercials.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2010 《截拳道》
Jeet Kune Do
2007 《永樂恩仇》
Fate and Consequence
2006 《真心特警》
My Cop
2005 《情迷功夫》
My Father's Bride
2004 《情陷掌門人》
My Romeo
2004 《癲鳳傻龍》
Salt and Pepper
2002 《跌打婆與辣妹》
Chinese Orthopedist & the Spice Girls
2002 《不寒而慄》
Freaky Story
2002 《麻煩三角錯》
Troublesome Romance
2002 《情迷個半月》
45 Days Lover
2001 《殺出個未來》
Dead End
2000 《七條命》
Untouchable Maniac
1999 《一槍打爆你個頭》
Blow Your Head Off
1998 《情迷功夫》
My Father's Bride
1997 《死亡遊戲》
Died Game
1996 《癲馬女郎之一夜情》
Hong Kong Showgirl
1996 《咖喱+ 辣椒》
Spicy Aces
1993 《情難自制》
My Pale Lover
1989 《飛越危牆》
Close Escape