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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Fung CHU
朱楓 | CHU Fung

I like what Truffaut said about directors, “What is a director? He is someone to whom people ask a lot of questions, but does not know the answer to all of them.” That is why directors must be learned and patient. They should have refined taste in literature and art, and is able to use images to tell stories. They must be highly imaginative and have the courage to realize their imaginings.

Since the 1950s, Great Wall, Feng Huang and Sun Luen had always strived to guide and enlighten people to goodness and truth with their many excellent films, which were wellreceived by audiences. The companies reached their peak in the 1960s. However, the ultra-left policies unleashed by the Cultural Revolution affected our productions, and much time and effort were wasted on thought criticism, which eroded the creative passion of filmmakers. We thus wasted away our youth, and by the time we realized our mistakes, times had greatly changed. That is why film directors should stay away from politics and remain true to independent thinking and ideological liberation rather than blindly follow current trends.


Chu Fung was born in Shanghai in 1936, the sixth child of famed director Zhu Shilun. She grew up around film studios, and developed an interest in film from an early age. Her father sent her to Beijing to attend school in 1950, and upon graduation from the Chinese Department at Nankai University in Tianjin in 1961, she returned to Hong Kong. Zhu Shilun arranged for Chu Fung to enter Feng Huang Motion Picture to work as continuity person.

She wrote the script for Strom Petrel in 1968, which she codirected with Tang Lung, and in 1973 directed The Sisters on her own. However, because of the Cultural Revolution, she was not able to make more films, and many of her works were not released until a year or two after they were made. Her output as a director included Acrobatic Knights (1974, co-directed with Chen Chuan-chuan and Yam Yi-chi), a documentary about the Guangzhou Acrobat Troupe, the social-realist Mud Child (1976, Co-Director: Chen Ching-po), the action drama The Heroic Defenders (1978, Co-Director:Kong Hon), the comedy Two Wrongs Make a Right (1980), and the documentary Circumscribing Around Dunhuang. She served as line producer on Code Name Flash (1987), directed by her brother Chu Am, and Kung Fu Vampires (1993), directed by Yuen Cheung-yan. She retired in 1994, and since then, had co-edited the commemorative literary collection, Zhu Shilin and Film with Chu Am.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1984 《大西北奇觀》
Circumscribing Around Dunhuang
1980 《錯有錯着》
Two Wrongs Make a Right
1980 《險過剃頭》
A Hairbreath Escape
1978 《蕩寇群英》
The Heroic Defenders
1976 《泥孩子》
Mud Child CHAN Ching Po
1974 《雜技英豪》
Acrobatic Knights
1973 《姊妹同心》
The Sisters
1970 《海燕》
Strom Petrel TANG Lung
1970 《海燕》
Storm Petrel TANG Lung