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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wai Kwong CHU
朱偉光 | CHU Wai Kwong

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Born in Hong Kong in 1962, Barry Chu Wai-kwong had directed films using the pseudonyms Barry Wong and May Luk. Passionate about films since childhood, Chu entered the industry in 1984, working on over 20 films in capacities as varied as assistant director, producer and production manager, sometimes taking on-screen roles. In 1994, he wrote the script for The Green Hornet (1994), directed by Lam Ching-ying.

Chu made his directorial debut with Evil Instinct (1976), followed by Whatever Will Be Will Be (1997), Love in the River (1998) and Fatal Desire (1998). He then directed three action films in China, Tequila Sunrise (2000), Kung Fu Tea (2004) and My Wife Can Fight (2005).

Since then, Chu had left the film industry and is currently working as a writer.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2005 《絕世好妻》
My Wife Can Fight
2004 《辣妹夢幻組》
Kung Fu Tea
2000 《火龍女》
Tequila Sunrise
1998 《男人胸 女人HOME》
Love in the River
1998 《野性任務》
Fatal Desire
1997 《迷失樂園》
Whatever Will Be Will Be
1996 《極度獸性》
Evil Instinct