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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kwok Yan CHUNG
鍾國仁 | CHUNG Kwok Yan

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Chung Kwok-yan was born in Guangdong Province in 1944 and grew up in Hong Kong. He joined the film industry in 1975, and by the following year, was serving as scriptwriter and producer for director Lam Kwok-cheung on Ironside 426 (1977). In 1978, Chung founded Overseas Film Company and produced as well as wrote the screenplays to Godfather’s Fury (1978), directed by Sun Chung, as well as Island of Virgins (1978) and Gang of Four (1978), both directed by Hua Shan.

Chung took on the role of writer and director with the crime thriller Double-Cross (1978), which was followed by a number of productions. Because the Chinese titles for many of his films were made up of numbers with Triad references, he was nicknamed “Number Director”. (The Chinese title for Ironside 426, for example, is “Four Two Six”, a Triad rank.) In addition to writing, directing and producing, Chung often appeared in his own films, even taking on the lead role in Ordinance 17 (1981). He also appeared in Vice Squad 633 (1979), Payoff (1979) and Four Invincibles (1979) under the stage name Wah Yan. His son Chung Siu-hung is also a film director.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1991 《英雄血》
Hero's Blood
1986 《9 To 3 靚女登場》
9 To 3
1985 《香港屠夫》
Hong Kong Butcher
1985 《O劫計劃》
Live and Let Live
1984 《青蓮青年》
Teenage Trap
1983 《殺過界》
Bloody Mission
1982 《黑色的婚禮》
Dark Wedding
1982 《冷血屍案》
Cold Blood Murder
1982 《爆破》
Broken House
1981 《傷人十七》
Ordinance 17
1981 《復仇者》
1981 《凶蠍》
Hired Guns
1980 《愛情別墅》
Find The Lady
1980 《風塵》
The Mortal Storm
1980 《零點三八》
1979 《六三三》
Vice Squad 633
1979 《毒計》
1979 《四大跛拳》
Four Invincibles
1978 《獅子頭玻璃肚》