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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Shu Kai CHUNG
鍾澍佳 | CHUNG Shu Kai

Chinese-language films had been in recent years under the threat of foreign productions with big budgets and advanced technology. To develop a healthy market for Chinese films is therefore a huge challenge. I had always insisted that technology is only the means, while content and theme play the central role of a film. I also insisted on beginning with real life, working hard to create resonance… It is my wish that for a certain date of a certain month in a certain year, my film can bring back the best memories of the time, place, people and events. A Hong Kong filmmaker has the responsibility to dig deep into our history, our culture and our traditions, connecting them effectively with the current situation, producing works at once authentic, passionate and innovative, while having an impact on both Hong Kong and China. This is a goal towards which I had been working hard.

I am often regarded as a comedy director. Comedies are the most difficult to make among genres, for good comedies frequently start with tragedies and comedies that are moving should always be closely connected to life. My goal has always been to make comedies that touch the heart and in which laughter is infused with tears.


Born in Hong Kong in 1966. Fond of watching films since childhood, Chung Shu-kai acted in RTHK’s Under the Lion Rock series in 1974 and, after meeting director Allen Fong, he became determined to become a film director. Upon secondary school graduation at age 17, he entered the industry as assistant producer and executive producer. He joined TVB at age 19 as production assistant and was promoted to director in 1990 at age 24, becoming senior director two years later. The series he directed during this period include When the Sun Shines, The Family Squad, File of Justice III, and Once Upon a Time in Shanghai. He became a producer at age 29, winning TVB’s Anniversary Award for Best Drama Series with his first production, Old Time Buddy.

In 1995, Chung entered the film industry, directing Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood (1999), followed by Perfect Match (2000), Blue Moon (2001), Buddy Friends (2002) and Feel 100% 2003 (2003). Most of his films are comedies that depict life of ordinary people.

72 Tenants of Prosperity (2010), which Chung co-directed with Eric Tsang and Patrick Kong, became the top selling film of the important Chinese New Year season, a feat he repeated in 2011 and 2012 with, respectively, I Love Hong Kong (Co-Director, Eric Tsang) and I Love Hong Kong 2012 (Co-Director, Wilson Chin).

In 2001, Chung expanded his career reach by producing television series in China. In 2012, he directed the television sereis King of Lan Ling, which stars Feng Shaofeng, Ariel Lin and Danile Chan.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《2013 我愛HK 恭喜發財》
I Love Hong Kong 2013
2012 《2012 我愛HK喜上加囍》
I Love Hong Kong 2012 CHIN Kwok Wai Wilson
2011 《我愛HK 開心萬歲》
I Love Hong Kong TSANG Chi Wai Eric
2011 《勁抽福祿壽》
The Fortune Buddies
2011 《我愛香港》
I Love Hong Kong TSANG Chi Wai Eric
2010 《七十二家租客》
72 Tenants of Prosperity KONG Patrick TSANG Chi Wai Eric
2010 《龍鳳店》
Adventure of the King
2010 《72 家租客》
72 Tenants of Prosperity KONG Patrick TSANG Chi Wai Eric
2007 《七擒七縱七色狼》
Beauty and the 7 Beasts
2006 《大丈夫2》
Men Suddenly in Black
2003 《百分百感覺2003》
Feel 100% 2003 MA Joe
2002 《手足情深》
2002 《9 個女仔1 隻鬼》
Nine Girls and a Ghost
2001 《月滿抱西環》
Blue Moon
2001 《老友記茶餐廳》
Buddy Friends
2000 《跑馬地的月光》
Perfect Match
1999 《電影鴨》
Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood