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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Siu Hung Billy CHUNG
區福雄 | CHUNG Siu Hung Billy

When I was younger, the films I directed tended to aim for visceral effects, and the subject matter was almost always about the dark forces in society: assassins, Triads, swindlers, prisoners, criminals…I deliberately sought to discover different possibilities within various social strata. When I look back on these works 20 years later, I discover that they all deal with the same subject matter: how the little guy rebels against his destiny. Even though he is alone and weak, he refuses to bow to reality. This type of aspiration speaks to the essence of the film industry in Hong Kong. In the 1970s and 1980s, did we not succeed in carving out our own niche with our hard work?

In the future, I will continue to fight hard for my dreams and strive to make better and better films. In the past few years of working on the Mainland, I have come to experience the deep cultural wealth of our nation, where every leaf on a tree and every stone in a building can be priceless treasures. In my future works, I will try my best to seek a balance between entertainment and culture, and contribute to the brilliance of Chinese language cinema. I also encourage my colleagues to do the same.


Billy Chung Siu-hung is the son of 1970s director of gangster films, Chung Kwok-yan. Billy Chung entered the film industry as a teenager, when he acted in several of his father’s films such as 0.38 (1980), Hired Guns (1981) and Ordinance 17 (1981). Later, he served as assistant director to Billy Chan, working on Brotherhood (1980), 3 Wishes (1988) and License to Steal (1990), and also took on the positions of producer and line producer on numerous other projects.

Chung made his first film in 1991 with Legend of the Brothers, which grossed over HK$10 million and established his reputation. In his more than two decade career as a director, Chung made over 30 films, and his works are known for their powerful imagery and distinctive style. His most notable works include The Assassin (1993), The King of Robbery (1996), Trust Me U Die (1999), My Schoolmate, The Barbarian (2001, co-directed with Wong Jing), Colour Of The Loyalty (2005, co-directed with Wong Jing) and To Live And Die In Mongkok (2009), among others. Beginning in 2004, Chung started directing television series on the Mainland, and his output included New Breath of Love (2006), New Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (2006), Disruption (2011) and Heroes of Sui and Tang Dynasties (2012).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《全城高考》
Mark of Youth
2010 《嘻遊記》
The Swordsman Dream
2009 《旺角監獄》
To Live And Die In Mongkok WONG Jing
2008 《黑勢力》
Hong Kong Bronx
2007 《美女食神》
The Lady Iron Chef
2007 《危險人物》
2005 《黑白戰場》
Colour Of The Loyalty WONG Jing
2005 《雀聖》
Kung Fu Mahjong WONG Jing
2005 《凶男寡女》
Set Up
2005 《擁抱每一刻花火》
Moments Of Love
2003 《心寒》
2002 《變臉迷情》
Devil Face, Angel Heart
2002 《奪魄勾魂》
Demon Possession
2001 《陰陽愛》
Esprit D'Amour
2001 《正將》
The Cheaters
2001 《我的野蠻同學》
My Schoolmate, The Barbarian WONG Jing
2000 《刀手》
2000 《街女》
High K
2000 《情陷百樂門》
Paramount Hotel
2000 《刑》
Undercover Blues
1999 《新羔羊醫生》
Trust Me U Die
1999 《鬼請你睇戲》
Last Ghost Standing
1999 《致命內幕》
High Tension Crime
1999 《天網》
Two Faces NAM Chi Wai Francis
1998 《戲迷狂情》
Super Fans
1997 《幻影追凶》
Image Search
1996 《東方快車》
Midnight Express in Orient
1996 《悍匪》
The King of Robbery
1993 《刺客新傳之殺人者唐斬》
The Assassin
1993 《女兒當自強》
Lady Super Cop
1993 《虐之戀》
Love to Kill
1993 《偷情保護令》
Heart Stealer
1992 《越軌迷情》
Inspiration Nightmare
1991 《四大家族之龍虎兄弟》
Legend of the Brothers