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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Dan FAN
范丹 | FAN Dan

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Fan Tan started out as actor in films in the 1950s. In the 1970s, he formed Tin Po Film Co. with his friends, and produced and directed a number of films including Changing Love (1972), The Stealing Love (1972), The Bravest One (1973), among others. Fan founded Hong Kong Man Wah Film in 1977, which produced Hong Kong Emmanuelle (1977), starring Deborah Lee, which he directed under the pseudonym Man Wah. The film caused quite a stir due to Lee’s nude scenes, and Fan followed up with a series of soft-core erotic films. After directing Woman in Lust (1993), Fan withdrew from film.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1993 《浪蝶狂花》
Woman in Lust
1992 《滾滾櫻唇》
The Vengeance
1983 《啱晒Key》
Top Fit
1982 《人鬼蛇狐大決鬥》
Man's Fight with Snake, Fox and Ghost
1982 《野蜜桃》
Wild Cherry
1980 《不夜城》
The Wonderful Hong Kong
1977 《香港艾曼妞》
Hong Kong Emmanuelle
1976 《情場戰場》
Love Competition
1975 《無奇不有》
Moon and Stars
1974 《強中更有強中手》
The Bravest One
1972 《情變》
Changing Love
1972 《偷情世界》
The Stealing Love