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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Yiu Leung Clarence FOK
霍耀良 | FOK Yiu Leung Clarence

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Clarence Fok Yiu-leung was born in 1960 in Hong Kong. After graduating from the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic, he joined a six-month scriptwriting and directing training course at Redifussion TV and started working at that television station. He switched to TVB in 1978 to work as a director, and was involved in numerous productions including Conflict (1978), Over The Rainbow (1979), The Passenger (1979), The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (1979), The Bund (1980), Five Easy Pieces (1980) and Don’t Look Now (1980), among others.

He made his directorial debut in 1980 with The Man from Vietnam, but the film was not released until 1982. He followed up in 1981 with Job Hunter (1981), starring Danny Chan and Leslie Cheung. Fok was promoted to the position of producer at TVB that year, and was responsible for such series as No One is Innocent (1981). He subsequently sought release from his contract at TVB in order to concentrate on film work.

Fok is known for being quick-witted and hard working. His large body of work includes Iceman Cometh (1989), A Dragon from Russia (1990), Cheap Killers (1998), Century of the Dragon (1999), Queen of Kowloon (2000) and Martial Angels (2001). Among them, Iceman Cometh was one of the first local time travel films, while A Dragon from Russia was the first Hong Kong film to be shot in Moscow. The two stylistically disparate Category 3 films he made, Naked Killer (1992) and Remains of a Woman (1993), became two of his most celebrated works. In addition to directing, he served as the line producer on New Mr. Vampire (1986) and No Compromise (1986), and served for a time as creative director at Johnny Mak Film Production company.

Fok has also made frequent appearances in front of the camera, playing supporting roles in Let’s Make Laugh II (1985), Naughty Boys (1986) and Happy-Go-Lucky (1987). He was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his portrayal of an effeminate gay man in Let’s Make Laugh II.

Since the year 2000, Fok had focused his career on television work on the Mainland, where he produced such shows as Seven Swordsmen (2005) and Take Care Of You Accompanied By The Lights (2009). In the past few years, he has made a return to filmmaking, and directed Together, a romantic comedy starring Donnie Yen and the action film Special ID. In addition, he produced the mega-budget costume fantasy The Monkey King starring Donnie Yen, which will be released in 2014.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《在一起》
2013 《特殊身份》
Special ID
2006 《鬼眼刑警》
Don't Open Your Eyes
2006 《愛上屍新娘》
Dating a Vampire
2003 《飛虎雄師之邊緣人》
The New Option - Puppet Hon
2003 《飛虎雄師之點指兵兵》
The New Option - Confrontation
2003 《飛虎雄師之英雄本色》
The New Option - The Final Showdown
2003 《飛虎雄師之復仇》
The New Option - The Revenge
2003 《飛虎雄師之鎗王行動》
The New Option - The Campaign
2003 《飛虎雄師之救世者》
The New Option - Saviour
2003 《飛虎雄師之再戰江湖》
The New Option - The Syndicate
2003 《飛虎雄師之劫金風暴》
The New Option - Gold Rush
2002 《飛虎雄師》
The New Option MAK Wing Lun Gary
2002 《飛虎雄師之中環茶室兇殺案》
The New Option - Run and Shoot
2001 《絕色神偷》
Martial Angels
2001 《驚天大逃亡》
2000 《唔該借歪!!》
Don't Look Back... Or You'll Be Sorry!
2000 《九龍皇后》
Queen of Kowloon
1999 《O 記三合會檔案》
The H.K. Triad Story
1999 《龍在邊緣》
Century of the Dragon
1998 《愈墮落,愈英雄》
Cheap Killers
1998 《豹妹》
Her Name is Cat
1997 《等你回來》
Wait for Your Coming Back
1996 《新喋血雙雄》
Thunder Cop
1996 《玩火》
On Fire
1995 《冒險遊戲》
Passion 1995
1994 《少年衛斯理II 聖女轉生》
Young Wisely 2
1993 《郎心如鐵》
Remains of a Woman
1993 《黑豹天下》
The Black Panther Warriors
1993 《少年衛斯理之天魔之子》
Young Wisely
1992 《龍騰四海》
Gun n' Rose
1992 《赤祼羔羊》
Naked Killer
1990 《紅場飛龍》
A Dragon from Russia
1989 《八寶奇兵》
They Came to Rob Hong Kong
1989 《急凍奇俠》
Iceman Cometh
1988 《公子多情》
The Greatest Lover
1984 《第8 站》
Before Dawn
1984 《行錯姻緣路》
Wrong Wedding Trail
1983 《毀滅號列車》
On The Wrong Track
1982 《越南仔》
The Man From Vietnam
1981 《失業生》
Job Hunter