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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Yau FONG
方野 | FONG Yau

I may be a director, but I’m actually more interested in the martial arts. Sometimes I would have to make films that may not be my favorite, but audiences of different times have different demands. Making films, we wish to satisfy the needs of the audience, and one must sometimes sacrifice for art.


Fong Yau was born in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand in 1939. He practiced Thai boxing in Bangkok during his school days and had competed in over 20 bouts. In 1955, he went to Shanghai as an overseas Chinese to participate in the city’s martial arts competition, winning the middle-weight championship. After immigrating to Hong Kong in the 1960s, he taught Thai boxing and was renowned as the Father of Hong Kong Thai boxing.

Entering film in 1968 as an actor, he had appeared in over 40 films, including The Bloody Fight (1972), Devil and Angel (1973), The Black Belt (1973), Greatest Thai Boxing (1974), The Broken Oath (1977), The Club (1981), The Flaming Brothers (1987) and City on Fire (1987).

Fong Yau began directing with 10 Magnificent Killers (1977), serving also as producer, writer, star and action choreographer. He resumed directing in the 1990s, helming several films in the decade.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1999 《艷降勾魂》
Hunting Evil Spirit
1994 《蛇妖顯靈》
Snake Monster
1992 《姦魔》
Devil of Rape
1991 《色降》
Witchcraft Vs Curse HO Lin Chow
1977 《十大殺手》
10 Magnificent Killers