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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Hak On FUNG
馮克安 | FUNG Hak On

I have been in the film industry for a long time, working as actor and martial arts coordinator. Most fight scenes and wire work in films were designed by martial arts actors and action choreographers like myself. Many years ago, Lau Karleung shot a series of still photographs of a “drunken fists” kung-fu that he created and showed it to Yuen Wo-ping, which incorporated the moves into the film Drunken Fists (1978). Behind the action films of those years were scores of martial artists who devoted their lives to creating and performing these stunts. Many moves, and even explosions techniques were acquired by trial and error. Film is the art of fakery, but most importantly, it is a process of turning the imaginary into reality.


Fung Hak-on was born in 1949 in Guangdong Province and grew up in Hong Kong. The Fung family was one of Hong Kong’s most well-known show business clans. His father Fung Fung was an actor and director while his sisters Fung Su-bo and Petrina Fung Bo-bo are both well known actresses. He started acting in films as a child, appearing in films alongside his father. He attended New Method College but quit after Form 3 to work in the film industry. Fung learnt various styles of king-fu and in the late 1960s, he joined Lau Kar-leung’s troupe as a martial arts actor, and subsequently took part in dozens of films directed by Chang Cheh and Lau Kar-leung. In the late 1970s, he joined Sammo Hung’s stunt team and became a martial arts coordinator, and later switched to Jackie Chan’s team to become the leader of Chan’s troupe.

Fung’s most representative works as a martial arts coordinator include Enter The Fat Dragon (1978), Last Hurrah for Chivalry (1979), The Young Master (1980), Dragon Lord (1982), Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain (1983), Police Story (1985) and Magnificent Warriors (1987), among others. Fung’s contribution was key to the Jackie Chan stunt team winning Best Action Choreography at the Hong Kong Film Awards nine times.

Fung made his directorial debut in 1981 with The Gold Hunters, followed by Lady Vampire, which starred his younger sister Petrina Fung Bo-bo, Edge Of Darkness and The Godfather’s Daughter Mafia Blues.

Fung had also acted in over 100 films, playing villains in most of them. Among his best remembered roles are those in Five Shaolin Masters (1974), Heroes Two (1974), The Spiritual Boxer (1975), Challenge of the Masters (1976), Warriors Two (1978) and The Magnificent Butcher (1979). In 1996 Fung took a break from film work, but returned to acting in 2002, appearing in Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle (2004). Since then, Fung had had roles in many films including Fatal Move (2008), 14 Blades (2010), Ip Man 2 (2010) and The Grandmaster (2013). He also served as martial arts coordinator on The Legendary Amazons (2011).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1991 《烈火情仇》
The Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues
1988 《靈幻小姐》
Lady Vampire
1988 《陷阱邊沿》
Edge Of Darkness
1981 《老鼠街》
The Gold Hunters LAW Kei