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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Stephen FUNG
馮德倫 | FUNG Stephen

I do not believe it is the duty of filmmakers to address social problems, nor should we be responsible for renewing beliefs in humanity. We only have one responsibility: to create art work that is sincere and honest, with eternal belief in what we are trying to convey through our stories.

Throughout the years, I have experienced the film industry to be a place that can be totally out of control. It’s absolutely fascinating! Regardless of success or failure, we should find joy in the journey. If you look closely at the people around who have to dress up and punch cards each and every day. I can only be thankful and more thankful that the film industry sheltered me.


Stephen Fung was born in Hong Kong in 1974, his mother the 1960s Mandarin cinema actress Shi Yen. At age 14, he appeared in the American television movie Forbidden Nights (1990).

Fung attended high school at the German Swiss International School in Hong Kong, then graduated from the University of Michigan earning a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design. Upon returning to Hong Kong, he began acting in supporting roles in films such as Summer Snow (1995) and The Log (1996). He later teamed with musician Mark Lui to form the band Dry.

Fung began to gain recognition as an actor in the late 1990s, establishing his credentials with dramas such as Bishonen (1998) and The Poet (1998) and helping to create a new breed of Hong Kong police hero with Gen-X Cops (1998) and Sunshine Cops (1999).

In 2001, Fung made his directorial debut with fellow actor Nicholas Tse directing My Beloved, a segment of the omnibus film Heroes in Love (2001). Then, with the support of Jackie Chan, he directed, wrote and acted in Enter the Phoenix (2004) and House of Fury (2005), the former a gangster comedy with a gay streak, the latter an energetic action comedy.

Expanding beyond films, Fung produced, directed and starred in the reality TV show Stephen’s Diary (2006), which enjoyed great rating success. In 2007, he directed the music video Same World for singer Karen Mok, winning Best Director at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards.

He then directed Jump (2009), about a girl’s pursuit for her dream as a dancer, produced by the superstar Stephen Chow. In 2012, he banded with actor Daniel Wu to form Diversion Pictures, their first project Tai Chi Trilogy, a triptych of new-era martial arts films. The first two chapters, Tai Chi Zero (2012) and Tai Chi Hero (2012), had grossed over US$50 million worldwide. Tai Chi 3, the concluding saga, will be shot in the near future.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2012 《太極1 從零開始》
Tai Chi Zero
2012 《太極2 英雄崛起》
Tai Chi Hero
2009 《跳出去》
2005 《精武家庭》
House of Fury
2004 《大佬愛美麗》
Enter the Phoenix
2001 《戀愛起義》
Heroes In Love SHYA Wing CHEUK Vincci