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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Jimmy HEUNG
向華勝 | HEUNG Jimmy

The Triad movies I’ve made have been very successful because these films require a degree of authenticity, which I can provide based on my own experiences. People like me who have risen from rags to riches have gone through more in life than everyone else, so I have an innate advantage in the film business.

(taken from Chengdu Business Daily, 17 August, 2010.)


Jimmy Heung Wa-shing was born in 1950. He studied martial arts at an early age and he and his brother Charles Heung Wa-keung both fell in love with films because their parents had many friends in the movie industry. After starring in the 1974 action film Eagle Claws Champion, Heung discovered he preferred working behind the scenes. He established Super Win Film with his brother Charles, which produced two action comedies, Mysterious Footworks of Kung Fu (1978) and Shaolin Tough Kid (1979), both with Charles Heung playing the lead role. However, the two films flopped at the box office, which caused them to temporarily withdrew from the film business. The brothers formed Win’s Film Co. in 1984, and the first film produced by the company was Double Trouble (1984), directed by Eric Tsang and starring Sylvia Chang, which grossed over HK$10 million.

Jimmy Heung was known as a trend-setter, and many of the films produced by his company played a major role in Hong Kong cinema at its height. Some of the best-known titles produced by Win’s included Triad movies like Tragic Hero (1987) and Rich and Famous (1987); romantic comedies such as the The Romancing Star series (1987-1989) and The Crazy Companies (Parts 1 & 2) (1988), the gambling films Casino Raiders (1989-1991), God of Gamblers (series) (1990-1994), gangster biographies Lee Rock (Parts 1 & 2) (1991) and Arrest the Restless (1992). Win’s most successful productions were comedies starring Stephen Chow, including the Fight Back to School series (1991-1993), Royal Tramp (Part 1 & 2) (1992), Flirting Scholar (1993), Hail the Judge (1994) and From Beijing with Love (1994). Many other Win’s output were also commercial hits, such as God of Gamblers Return (1994), which grossed over HK$52 million and the box office champion of the year.

In 1989, Heung co-directed Casino Raiders with Wong Jing, released in seperate Chinese and international versions. The following year he co-directed No Risk, No Gain with Taylor Wong. After 1995 he let the running of Win’s to Charles while concentrating on stocks investments and the casino business in Macau. Heung returned to the film business in 2010, and produced two costume comedies on the Mainland, Flirting Scholar 2 (2010) and Adventure of the King (2010).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1990 《至尊計狀元才》
No Risk, No Gain WONG Taylor
1989 《至尊無上》
Casino Raiders WONG Jing