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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Chi keung Godfrey HO
何誌強 | HO Chi keung Godfrey

Maybe in the future, if I do another movie, I’ll pay more attention to the script and mise-en-scene so as to make a good film.

(Taken from http://www.popmatters.com/post/128275-figuringout- godfrey-ho/)


Godfrey Ho Chi-keung was born in Hong Kong in 1948, and went to Canada to study film at the age of 17. However, he dropped out of school and returned to Hong Kong to work as actor and assistant at Shaw Brothers Studio. He later became Chang Cheh’s assistant director on numerous films, including Boxer from Shantung (1972), Water Margin (1972) and Blood Brothers (1973). Due to his overseas exposure, Ho took part in many foreign co-productions such as The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974), as well as films involving foreign actors, like Marco Polo (1975).

In 1974, Ho co-directed Paris Killers with Kwok Ting-hung, a film editor. Because of their unfamiliarity with film sales, the film was only sold to a few markets, and was not released in Hong Kong until 1984. In 1976, at the invitation of producer Joseph Lai, Ho joined Asso Asia Films (IFD Film and Arts), and directed dozens of martial arts films co-produced with Koreans (some were codirected with Korean filmmakers), many of which centred on Shaolin kung-fu. From 1983 onwards, Ho focused on making ninja action films starring European and American actors and intended for export.

Even though Ho had directed over a hundred films throughout his career, most of his works were intended for foreign markets. Only a handful had been released in Hong Kong, including Angel Enforcers (1989), Princess Madam (1989), Lethal Panther (1991), Laboratory of the Devil (1992) and Angel the Kickboxer (1993). In recent years, Ho has been working as a guest lecturer at the Department of Cinema and Television (renamed Academy of Film) at the Hong Kong Baptist University.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2000 《曼哈頓追逐戰》
Manhattan Chase
1995 《X 先生》
Mr. X
1995 《第一任務》
The First Assignment
1994 《死亡列車》
Narrow Escape
1994 《轟天密令》
Deadly Target KO Fei Philip
1993 《縱橫天下》
Angel the Kickboxer
1993 《暗殺兵團》
Lethal Extortion
1993 《摧花狂魔》
Bloody Mary Killer
1992 《黑太陽731 續集之殺人工廠》
Laboratory of the Devil
1991 《驚天龍虎豹》
Lethal Panther
1991 《搏擊戰士》
The Fighter, the Winner
1991 《左手搏擊王》
Kickboxer the Champion
1989 《皇家飛鳳》
Angel Enforcers
1989 《金牌師姐》
Princess Madam
1989 《武林通殺令》
Full Metal Ninja
1989 《霹靂小子之渾身是勁》
Thunder Ninja Kids : Wonderful Mission
1989 《霹靂小子之天才幽靈》
Thunder Ninja Kids: The Hunt for the Devil Boxer
1989 《英勇幹探》
U.S. Catman: Lethal Track
1988 《忍者大屠殺》
Ninja Demon's Massacre
1988 《忍者鬥殭屍》
The Vampire Raiders
1988 《紅粉奇兵》
Diamond Ninja Force
1988 《美國忍者》
American Ninja : The Magnificent
1988 《煉獄天使》
Dressed to Fire
1988 《忍者刺客》
Ninja Force of Assassins
1988 《忍者武士》
Ninja Knight Brothers of Blood
1988 《機械殭屍》
Robo Vampire
1987 《最高任務》
Top Mission
1987 《田莊大決鬥》
The Ninja Showdown
1987 《G7 計劃》
Project G-7
1987 《幽靈忍者》
Ninja Phantom Heroes
1987 《忍者太保之終極者》
Ninja Operation : Licensed to Terminate
1987 《花木蘭》
Ninja Kill
1987 《忍者行動》
Ninja in Action
1987 《忍者敢死隊》
Ninja Death Squad
1987 《忍者急殺令》
Ninja Commandments
1987 《烈火忍者戰士》
Ninja and the Warriors of Fire
1987 《黃金忍者》
Golden Ninja Invasion
1987 《美國忍者部隊》
Empire of the Spiritual Ninja
1987 《無仁義忍者》
Death Code : Ninja
1987 《特警雙雄》
Cobra Against Ninja
1987 《黑戰士》
Black Warrior
1987 《霹靂天使》
Angel's Blood Mission KO Fei Philip
1987 《美國忍者勇士》
Ninja : American Warrior
1987 《殭屍大亂鬥》
Devil Dynamite
1987 《忍者太保之胭脂劫》
Ninja Operation 7 : Royal Warriors
1987 《火爆浪女》
Ninja Knight : Thunder Fox
1987 《轟天忍者》
Rage of a Ninja
1987 《忍者兵團》
Ninja : The Battalion
1986 《城市忍者》
Tough Ninja the Shadow Warrior
1986 《野鷹捕殺令》
The Ultimate Ninja
1986 《誓不低頭》
The Ninja Squad
1986 《轟天大對決》
Shadow Killers Tiger Force
1986 《忍者帝國》
Ninja Fantasy
1986 《忍者大衝突》
Clash of the Ninjas
1986 《變種忍者》
Bionic Ninja
1986 《末日煞星》
Ninja Destroyer
1986 《黑勇士》
Challenge of the Ninja
1986 《戰火連天》
Hitman the Cobra
1986 《忍者太保之武士行》
Ninja Operation : Knight and Warrior
1986 《忍者太保之地獄變》
Ninja Avengers
1986 《忍者太保之生死決》
Ninja Operation 2 : Way of Challenge
1986 《忍者太保之還魂鏢》
Ninja Operation 4 : Thunderbolt Angels
1986 《忍者太保之教父魂》
Ninja Operation 5 : Godfather the Master
1985 《奪寶狂龍》
Ninja Terminator
1985 《亡命忍者》
Ninja Masters of Death
1985 《忍者毒玫瑰》
Ninja Champion
1985 《上海風雲》
Ninja Dragon
1985 《紅粉奇兵》
Diamond Ninja Force
1985 《忍者情郎煞》
Ninja the Protector
1984 《至尊神偷》
Ninja Thunderbolt
1984 《地獄殺戮忍者》
Ninja in the Killing Fields
1984 《鶴形》
Scorpion Thunderbolt
1984 《霹靂智多星》
Majestic Thunderbolt
1983 《高手過招》
Champ Against Champ
1983 《雷霆出擊》
Mission Thunderbolt
1983 《功夫傳人之瘋猴闖關》
Fist of the Golden Monkey
1983 《功夫傳人之蛇拳殺手》
Coil of the Snake
1983 《五形龍爪》
Dragon Claws
1983 《拳不離手續集》
7-Star Grand Mantis
1983 《少林沙彌》
Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple
1982 《雙龍》
Leopard Fist Ninja
1982 《拳不離手》
Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick
1982 《絕招決生死》
Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws
1982 《盲龍啞虎》
Warriors of Kung Fu
1982 《狂龍血戰忍者》
Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger
1982 《黑幫爭霸檔案》
Secret Executioners
1982 《功夫傳人之少林醉拳》
Revenge of The Drunken Master
1981 《功夫傳人之蛇拳殺手》
Snake Strikes Back
1981 《神腿迷踪手》
Duel of the Tough
1981 《大內游龍》
Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu
1981 《決鬥上海灘》
Hard Bastard
1981 《猴形拳》
Shaolin Drunken Monkey
1980 《功夫傳人之武林火併》
The Blazing Ninja
1980 《沈橋截拳》
Magnificent Natural Fist
1980 《龍形橋手》
Rage of the Dragon
1980 《八步雙形》
The Dragon's Showdown
1980 《功夫傳人之市井英雄》
Eagle vs. Silver Fox
1979 《雜家高手》
The Dragon, the Hero
1979 《血戰五形拳》
The Dragon's Snake Fist
1979 《猛龍大破脂粉陣》
Bravado of a Lady Fight
1979 《陰陽十八翻》
The Magnificent Wonderman
1979 《少林真英雄》
Fury in Shaolin Temple
1979 《功夫傳人之生死籌碼》
Golden Dragon, Silver Snake
1978 《功夫傳人之青龍探爪》
Dragon, the Young Master
1978 《達摩神功》
The Divine Martial Arts of Dharma
1977 《龍拳小子》
Dynamite Shaolin Heroes
1977 《北腿盤龍》
Mad For Vengeance
1977 《功夫傳人之八仙龍拳》
Enter the Invincible Hero
1974 《巴黎殺手》
Paris Killer CHEUNG Chin
1974 《巴黎殺手》
Paris Killers CHEUNG Chin