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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Lin Chow HO
何連洲 | HO Lin Chow

I have been in the entertainment business for over 40 years. Looking back, I began my career in various posts such as continuity person, assistant director and producer. I felt that I had tried my best and the rest is up to fate. The world is a stage, and living is like acting in which one plays all sorts of roles and run the gamut of emotions. From a fortune-telling perspective, the most important element is fate, followed by luck and feng-shui. Life is like a dream.

Ever since making One Step Beyond I have become interested in the study of I-Ching, feng-shui and fortune-telling. I hope my studies will yield good results, and I will make a film on the subject of fate.


Ho Lin-chow was born in 1948, and joined the film industry in 1973. He worked in various companies including Seasonal Film Corporation and Golden Harvest as continuity person, assistant director, producer and actor.

Ho’s first film as director was Goodbye My Friend (1988, codirected with Jass S.), starring Chow Yun-fat. He went on to direct many ghost and supernatural films including The Devil & the Ghostbuster (1988), Witchcraft Vs Curse (1991, Co-Director: Fong Yau), Sexual Devil (1988), as well as the supernatural documentary One Step Beyond (1992, codirected with Woo Suetman) and the action films Wolf of Revenge (1992) and Legend of the Crazy Dragon (1992).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1992 《大靈通》
One Step Beyond
1992 《毒狼》
Wolf of Revenge
1992 《黃埔灘龍虎鬥之狂龍傳奇》
Legend of the Crazy Dragon
1991 《色降》
Witchcraft Vs Curse FONG Yau
1991 《艷鬼狂情》
Sexual Devil
1988 《再見英雄》
Goodbye My Friend
1988 《艷鬼凶靈》
The Devil & the Ghostbuster