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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Meng Hwa HO
何夢華 | HO Meng Hwa

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Ho Meng-hwa was born in Shanghai in 1929 and grew up in that city. After graduating from the Shanghai Municipal Experimental Drama School, he came to Hong Kong in 1948 and began working as a continuity person. In 1953, Ho became a scriptwriter, authoring several scripts for Cantonese films. In 1956, he served as Mandarin actor-director Yen Chun’s assistant director, and rose to the position of director the next year when he made the Mandarin film The Wild Girl (1958) for Cathay Films. He was snapped up by Shaw Brothers, and made An Appointment After Dark for the studio in 1958. In the next 20 years, Ho would go on to direct more than 50 films for Shaw Brothers. Between 1964-1967, he made four special effects-laden films adapted from Journey to the West: The Monkey Goes West (1966), Princess Iron Fan (1966), The Cave Of Silken Web (1967) and The Land of Many Perfumes (1968), which were all box office hits. His 1967 work Susanna, starring Kwan Shan and Li Ching, was awarded Best Film at the 7th Golden Horse Awards, Best Film at the 14th Asian Film Festival and Japan’s Minister of Culture Special Prize.

Over his long career, Ho had made films in various genres, including Huang Mei musicals such as The Adulteress (codirected with Li Han-hsiang) and A Maid from Heaven (codirected with Chen You-hsin); wuxia films such as Killer Darts (1968), The Jade Raksha (1968), Lady of Steel (1970), The Lady Hermit (1971), The Flying Guillotine (1974) and The Dragon Missile (1976); comedies such as The Human Goddess (1971), kung-fu films such as The Master of Kung Fu (1973) and Shaolin Handlock (1978); suspense dramas, such as Kiss of Death (1973), Black Magic (1975) and The Psychopath (1978); crime dramas, such as The Criminals (1976) and sci-fi films, such as The Mighty Peking Man (1977).

Ho had always claimed to be a commercial director whose only wish was to fulfill the requirements of his employer. After making his last film for Shaw Brothers in 1979, Swift Sword, he left for Taiwan to direct Mad Mad Kung Fu (1979, co-directed with Yok Teng-heung) and Mr. Kwong Tung and the Robber (1980). He then retired from the film industry and immigrated to Canada in 1994, only to return to Hong Kong a few years later. He passed away in 2009 at the age of 80.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1992 《處女的誘惑》
Evil Black Magic
1980 《情俠追風劍》
Swift Sword
1980 《廣東先生與山東響馬》
Mr. Kwong Tung and the Robber
1979 《少林英雄榜》
Abbot of Shaolin
1979 《怪招軟皮蛇》
Mad Mad Kung Fu YOK Teng Heung
1978 《血芙蓉》
The Vengeful Beauty
1978 《色慾殺人狂》
The Psychopath
1978 《十字鎖喉手》
Shaolin Handlock
1977 《猩猩王》
The Mighty Peking Man
1976 《香港奇案》
The Criminals CHENG Kang HUA Shan
1976 《飛龍斬》
The Dragon Missile
1976 《油鬼子》
Oily Maniac
1976 《勾魂降頭》
Black Magic Part 2
1975 《搭錯線》
All Mixed Up
1975 《降頭》
Black Magic
1974 《慾魔》
The Sinful Adulteress
1974 《少年與少婦》
Young Passion
1974 《血滴子》
The Flying Guillotine
1973 《埋伏》
1973 《毒女》
Kiss of Death
1973 《黃飛鴻》
The Master of Kung Fu
1973 《金毛獅王》
The Golden Lion
1972 《黑靈官》
The Black Enforcer
1971 《鍾馗娘子》
The Lady Hermit
1971 《俠士行》
The Long Chase
1971 《仙女下凡》
The Human Goddess
1970 《荒江女俠》
Lady of Steel
1969 《飛燕金刀》
Vengeance is a Golden Blade
1968 《女兒國》
The Land of Many Perfumes
1968 《追魂鏢》
Killer Darts
1968 《玉羅剎》
The Jade Raksha
1967 《三更冤》
The Midnight Murder
1967 《盤絲洞》
The Cave Of Silken Web
1967 《鐵頭皇帝》
The King With My Face
1967 《珊珊》
1966 《西遊記》
The Monkey Goes West
1966 《鐵扇公主》
Princess Iron Fan
1964 《新啼笑姻緣》
Between Tears and Laughter LO Chen WONG Sing Loy
1964 《血濺牡丹紅》
The Warlord and the Actress
1963 《追兇記》
To Catch a Murderer
1963 《福星高照》
My Lucky Star
1963 《楊乃武與小白菜》
The Adulteress LI Han Hsiang
1963 《七仙女》
A Maid from Heaven
1961 《隔牆艷史》
The Girl Next Door
1961 《雲開見月明》
The Wrong Man
1960 《南島相思》
Rendezvous in the South Sea
1960 《蕉風椰雨》
Malayan Affair
1960 《江水東流》
East Flows the River
1960 《桃色風雲》
The Secret of Miss Pai
1959 《模特兒之戀》
The Model's Romance
1959 《飛來艷福》
Day-Time Husband
1959 《迷魂曲》
Enchanting Melody
1958 《野姑娘》
The Wild Girl
1958 《人約黃昏後》
An Appointment After Dark
1958 《借紅燈》
Red Lantern