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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Shu Pui HO
何澍培 | HO Shu Pui

The most satisfying and delightful about making films is to work with actors who are professional and with artistic ethics; being able to enjoy the working atmosphere and harmony can stimulate creative energy.


Samuel Ho Shu-pui entered the acting program and martial arts actor program at Rediffusion TV after graduating from secondary school in 1978. He was signed as a contract actor upon graduation and appeared in many drama series. Entering film in 1985, he served as assistant director and producer. In 1989, Ho joined TVB as assistant director and was promoted to director the next year. Between then and 1997, he had directed more than 30 drama series.

Ho made his debut as director in 1992, making the film Lucky Way (1992) under the pseudonym Chai Wong. Then, with the name Ho Lok, he directed Gigolo Club (1993). With The Love that is Wrong (1993), Ho finally directed a film with his own name.

Through the rest of the 1990s and early 200s, Ho directed films at a steady clip, producing works in many different genres. Titles include Tender Killer (1994), Enjoy Yourself To-night (1997), Wicked Fairy (1999), Phantom Call (2000), Prostitute Killer (2000), The Hong Kong Happy Man (2000), Romancing Bullet (2000) and Gangs 2001 (2001).

Ho left TVB in 1997 to work in China, working on television and had directed many popular drama series.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2001 《童黨2001》
Gangs 2001
2000 《手機凶靈》
Phantom Call
2000 《新三狼之歡場屠夫》
Prostitute Killer
2000 《旺角的天空3 終極邊緣》
Man Wanted 3
2000 《賤男人週記》
The Hong Kong Happy Man
2000 《赤裸紅唇》
2000 《浪漫鎗聲》
Romancing Bullet
1999 《魔鬼與天使》
Wicked Fairy
1997 《呢個乜嘢場?》
Enjoy Yourself To-night
1995 《但願有情人》
Future Love
1994 《殺手柔情》
Tender Killer
1993 《鴨之一族》
Gigolo Club
1993 《男與女》
The Love that is Wrong
1992 《大八卦》
Lucky Way