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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Wing Lam Titus HO
何永霖 | HO Wing Lam Titus

To me a director is one who follows the wind, yet remains firmly on the ground. He or she is a product of the world.

Wind means following one’s dreams and emotions and expressing them fully. Being of the world is to express the truth of human life and existence. The world is all that exists outside of the political core.

A director uses light and darkness, sound and music to express his dreams and tell the stories of the floating world. He or she explores life’s various states like love, desire, truth, falsity, goodness, evil, beauty, ugliness, love, hate, power, oppression, contradiction, harmony, disagreement, conflict, idealism and regret.


Titus Ho Wing-lam was born in Hong Kong in 1952 and joined Yangtze Production Company in 1977 as producer. He started working for Shaw Brothers in 1979, where he remained for over twenty years, and took on various posts including producer, line producer and the director of producing and planning. Over the years Ho worked on numerous productions like The Twin Bracelets (1991), Justice, My Foot! (1992) and The King of Masks (1995). In addition, he also became a scriptwriter, penning the scripts to One Way Only (1981), Mobfix Patrol (1981) and Clan Feuds (1982). He directed his only feature, Red Spell Spells Red, in 1983, which was rated one of the top ten Hong Kong black magic films.

Ho switched to Winners’ Workshop Production in 1998 to work as executive producer, and moved to Singapore in 2001 to join MediaCorp, where he took up the position of vice-president and was in charge of the company’s operations, productions and distributions. He acted as the executive producer on I Not Stupid (2002), Home Run (2003), among others. Ho was also responsible for various Hong Kong co-productions, including The Eye (2002), Infernal Affairs II (2003), Turn Left, Turn Right (2003) and The Eye 2 (2004).

With over 30 years of experience in the business, Ho had provided film and TV production, distribution, company operation, strategic investment and theme-park development services to companies in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. In 2007, he was appointed by Taiwan’s Government Information Office to serve as an advisor to film industry development.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1983 《紅鬼仔》
Red Spell Spells Red