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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Tsu Hui HSIA
夏祖輝 | HSIA Tsu Hui

While still in high school, I once wrote “music is the soul, directing is life.” I’d been in love with music and film since junior high and had vowed to become a director. Through serendipity, my dream was realized. For over 30 years, it had been up and down, happiness and heartbreaks. Yet I’d never regretted staying in only one profession. Even when I’m retired, every day, I’m still learning and enjoying the new developments in film through DVDs. One never stops learning. It’s an experience and joy without end.


Born in Jiangsu, China in 1933, Hsia Tsu-hui immigrated to Taiwan with his family in 1949. He graduated from Fu Hsing Kang College, studying film and drama, later entering China Motion Picture Studio, where he directed documentaries and military education films. When Hong Kong director Li Han-hsiang was invited by China Motion Picture to make Storm Over the Yangtse River (1969) and The Story of Ti Ying (1970), Hsia served as assistant director on both films while also composing the music for the latter film, winning Best Original Score at the Golden Horse Awards.

A friendship was formed between Hsia and Li and when Li returned to Hong Kong in the early 1970s to work for Shaw Brothers, Hsia joined him. Working as Li’s assistant director on many films, he later decided to stay in Hong Kong.

Before leaving for Hong Kong, Hsia made his feature directorial debut in Taiwan with Blood Splashing Over Rainbow Bridge (1973), followed by A Sentimental Girl (1974, co-directed with Kuo Jen). Later, he briefly returned to Taiwan and directed the anti-communist series Cold Current (1975), the first television series shot on 16mm and was jointly broadcasted on three networks. He returned again to Taiwan in 1982, working on film and television and directed the film The Demon Wet Nurse (1988).

In the late 1980s, Hsia was invited by Li to work in Mainland, on such films as Snuff Bottle (1988) and The Empress Dowager (1989). Later, he shot the television drama The Legend of White Snake (1992) in China for Taiwan’s TTV, which went on to win critical acclaim. In 1996, he served as producer on Li’s television show Burning of the Efang Palace (1997). When Li died of a heart attack during production, Hsia took up directing chores and finished the project for a man he considered both friend and mentor.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1992 《半妖乳娘》
The Demon Wet Nurse
1978 《哈囉床上夜歸人》
Hello, Sexy Late Homecomers WONG Fung HO Fan HUA Shan LI Han Hsiang SUEN Chung
1978 《哈囉床上夜歸人》
Hello Sexy Late Homecomers WONG Fung HO Fan HUA Shan LI Han Hsiang SUEN Chung
1974 《玉女痴情》
A Sentimental Girl
1973 《血濺虹橋》
Blood Splashing Over Rainbow Bridge