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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Shan HUA
華山 | HUA Shan

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Hua Shan was born in 1942 in Shanghai and studied cinematography there. He came to Hong Kong in 1962, joining Shaw Brothers in 1963 and serving as the assistant for the Japanese cinematographer Nishimoto Tadashi (Ho Lan-shan). He became cinematographer in 1968 and had lensed more than a dozen films, including director Hsin Chiang’s Winged Tiger (1970), Chang Tseng-chai’s The Casino (1972) and actor Jimmy Wang Yu’s directorial debut The Chinese Boxer (1970).

Hua made his own directorial debut with From the Underworld (1974), for the company Fook Sing Film. Returning to Shaw Brothers in 1975, he directed The Super Inframan (1975) and one episode each for the omnibus films The Criminals (1976), The Criminals 2: Homicides (1976) and The Criminals 3: Arson (1977).

A prolific director, Hua made over a dozen films between 1975 and 1983, while directing eight more films with the pseudonym Hua Yi-hung. His work covers a variety of genres, including gangster films, crime movies, sword-fight films and kung-fu films. He had a penchant for crimes stories or sensational dramas inspired by headlines, such as Killing Does Not Pay (1979) and Struggle to Survive (1980), about illegal immigrants from Mainland China.

In the 1980s, he ventured to Mainland to make Disciples of Shaolin (1985) and retired after directing Angel Force (1991).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1991 《天使特警》
Angel Force
1990 《太陽之子》
Prince of the Sun CHIN Wellson
1985 《少林俗家弟子》
Disciples of Shaolin
1983 《水晶人》
Portrait in Crystal
1983 《鹿鼎記》
Tales of an Eunuch
1983 《封神劫》
Usurper Emperor's Power
1982 《楊過與小龍女》
Little Dragon Maiden
1981 《烏龍天師招積鬼》
Kung Fu Zombie
1981 《血鸚鵡》
Bloody Parrot
1980 《衝破》
Struggle to Survive
1979 《差人大佬搏命仔》
The Brothers
1979 《殘酷姦殺案》
Killing Does Not Pay
1979 《奇招》
Crystal Fist
1979 《豬仔血淚》
Sun Dragon
1978 《哈囉床上夜歸人》
Hello, Sexy Late Homecomers HSIA Tsu Hui WONG Fung HO Fan LI Han Hsiang SUEN Chung
1978 《四二八》
Gang of Four
1978 《不擇手段》
1978 《殺絕》
Soul of the Sword
1978 《殘酷大分屍》
Gory Murder
1978 《一O八》
Island of Virgins
1978 《大命撈家》
1978 《哈囉床上夜歸人》
Hello Sexy Late Homecomers WONG Fung HO Fan HSIA Tsu Hui LI Han Hsiang SUEN Chung
1977 《絕不低頭》
To Kill a Jaguar
1977 《老爺車縱火謀殺案》
(Segment: Gun Snatchers )
The Criminals Part III: Arson
1977 《被迫》
The Last Strike
1977 《清宮大刺殺》
Flying Guillotine Part II CHENG Kang
1976 《香港奇案》
(Segment: Valley of the Hanged )
The Criminals CHENG Kang HO Meng Hwa
1976 《江湖子弟》
The Brotherhood
1976 《香港奇案之二"兇殺"》
(Segment: Mama-San )
The Criminals 2 - Homicides
1975 《中國超人》
The Super Inframan
1974 《勾魂艷鬼》
From the Underworld