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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Yu HUANG
黃域 | HUANG Yu

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Huang Yu was born in 1916 in Shanghai. He had a passion for cinema from an early age and joined the industry after completing an actor’s training course. He worked as an actor as well as production coordinator and assistant director for various film companies in Shanghai. After coming to Hong Kong in 1948, Huang served renowned director Li Ping-qian (Jack Li) at Yung Hwa Film Company as assistant director, and followed Li to Great Wall Film Company the next year. When Great Wall was reorganized in 1950, Huang stayed on with the new company.

After making his directorial debut in 1953 with The Gold-Plated Man, Huang directed many films of various genres throughout a career spanning over 30 years, including the comedies The Inspector General (1955) and A Pink Dream (1965); melodramas Survivors of Love (1956), Apartment for Women (1956), Whither Spring? (1957) and The Golden Age (1969); as well as the first full color puppet theatre and Cantonese opera film Princess Hibiscus (1957). His Borrowed Wife (1958), released 14 days before Shaw Brothers’ Diau Charn, was credited as Hong Kong’s first huangmei musical. He had also directed many other musicals including A Mermaid’s Love (1960), A Happy Reunion (1964), Love Song of Twins (1968), as well as action films like The Village of Crouching Tigers (1969) and Red Azalea (1970, co-directed with Chang Tseng) and even documentaries like Swatow: Old City, New Face (1977). With a total output of more than 30 films, he was one of Great Wall’s most prolific directors.

Huang’s wife Wu Pei-yong was also a writer and director at Great Wall, and the two shared writing and directing credit on a number of films including The Younger Generation (1971), A Silver Dollar (1974) and The Spy in the Palace (1981), among others. After retiring from filmmaking in the early 1980s, he retained an interest in the development of the Hong Kong and Mainland films, and was actively involved in the South China Film Industry Workers Union as a council member, consultant and honorary consultant. He passed away in 2013 at the age of 97.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1988 《大陸窺秘》
A Glimpse of China
1981 《飛鳳潛龍》
The Spy in the Palace WU Pei Yung
1979 《鐵腳馬眼神仙肚》
The Reporter
1977 《潮梅春光》
Swatow: Old City, New Face
1976 《武夷山下》
At the Foot of Mt.Wuyi
1976 《至愛親朋》
The Best Friends
1974 《一塊銀元》
A Silver Dollar WU Pei Yung
1971 《小當家》
The Younger Generation WU Pei Yung
1970 《映山紅》
Red Azalea CHANG Tseng
1969 《金色年華》
The Golden Age
1969 《臥虎村》
The Village of Crouching Tigers
1968 《社會棟樑》
Pillar of Society
1968 《雙女情歌》
Love Song of Twins
1966 《鴛鴦帕》
Embroidered Scarf
1966 《小忽雷》
A Time to Remember
1965 《粉紅色的夢》
A Pink Dream
1965 《皇帝出京》
Emperor Takes a Holiday
1964 《龍鳳呈祥》
A Happy Reunion
1962 《糊塗姻緣》
Two Ideal Couples
1962 《甜言蜜語》
Love on the Edge
1960 《碧波仙侶》
A Mermaid's Love
1960 《飛燕迎春》
Come On, Everybody!
1958 《借親配》
Borrowed Wife
1958 《少年遊》
The Outsider
1957 《捉鬼記》
1957 《春歸何處》
Whither Spring?
1957 《芙蓉仙子》
Princess Hibiscus
1956 《大富之家》
Survivors of Love
1956 《女子公寓》
Apartment for Women
1956 《紅顏劫》
She Swallowed Her Sorrows
1955 《視察專員》
The Inspector General
1953 《花花世界》
The Gold-Plated Man