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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Pao Shu KAO
高寶樹 | KAO Pao Shu

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Kao Pao-shu was born in 1932 in Jiansu, China. At age 13, she was forced to quit school after her father passed away, working as a reporter in Anhui. She later acted in a drama troupe and married fellow actor Chiang Nan. Coming to Hong Kong in 1951, she acted in films, but only in minor roles. In the early 1950s, she had worked for such important Mandarin film companies as Yung Hwa Motion Pictures and Hsin Hwa Motion Picture and had worked in Japan on Blood Will Tell (1955), Hong Kong’s first Eastman Color film. Kao’s career finally took off when she joined Shaw Brothers in 1958, playing major supporting roles in over 80 films, earning regard for the range of her acting skills. She had appeared in such noted films as Les Belles (1960), Love Without End (1961), The Adulteress (1962), The Dancing Millionaires (1963), Too Late for Love (1967) and Double Bliss (1970).

In her early years in film, Kao had to supplement her income working in radio broadcasts and dubbing films. She later became an agent for dubbing artists. She had also worked as assistant director for famed directors like Griffin Yue Feng and Cheng Kang. Kao made her debut as director with Lady With a Sword (1970), a martial arts film starring Lily Ho. She then left Shaws and established Park Films with her second husband Vengee Park, serving as director, producer and actor. The company found a niche producing genre pictures and Kao had directed such films as The Cannibals (1972), The Virgin Mart (1974), Female Fugitive (1975), Wrong Side of the Track (1976), Bandits, Prostitutes and Silver (1977) and The Master Strikes (1980).

Kao retired from film in the late 1980s and passed away at age 68 in the year 2000.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1981 《孽種》
Seed of Evil
1980 《通天老虎》
The Master Strikes
1979 《翡翠狐狸》
The Jade Fox
1977 《三千大洋》
Bandits, Prostitutes and Silver
1976 《下流社會》
Wrong Side of the Track
1975 《女逃犯》
Female Fugitive
1974 《販賣人口》
The Virgin Mart
1973 《大小通吃》
Win Them All
1972 《黑吃黑》
The Cannibals
1971 《追命槍》
The Desperate Chase
1970 《鳳飛飛》
Lady With a Sword