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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Kwok Man Venus KEUNG
姜國民 | KEUNG Kwok Man Venus

Having worked in the business for twenty-nine years, there is an unspeakable yearning in my heart as I witnessed the transition of movie production from film to digital. I yearn for a past in which the crew and cast treasure every chance to work and perform. Since every single frame of film cost money, filmmakers—especially actors—would not slack off because they knew every bad take would cut into the production budget.

Since the market for Hong Kong cinema has been trending downwards in recent years, many colleagues face the hardships of an uncertain future. I hope young people with the desire to work in film would not be deterred by the obstacles and, instead, work hard to achieve their dreams.


Venus Keung Kwok-man was born in Hong Kong in 1963. He started as a stuntman in 1984 but switched to camera assistant in 1985. His first job as a cinematographer came in 1991 when he shot Cheung Bing-chan’s Drugs Area and had since lensed over 70 films. For director-producer Tsui Hark, Keung photographed Once Upon a Time in China (1994), Blade (1995) and Seven Swords (2005). For producer Derek Yee Tungsing, he worked on Till Death Do Us Part (1998), Double Tap (2000), A Fighter’s Blues (2000), Inner Senses (2002), Summer I Love You (2002), Crazy n’ the City (2005). For Yee’s directorial work, Keung shot The Truth About Jane and Sam (1999), Lost in Time (2003), One Nite in Mongkok (2004), 2 Young (2005) and Protégé (2007). For director and producer Wong Jing, Keung lensed My Wife is a Gambling Maestro (2008), I Corrupt All Cops (2009), On His Majesty’s Secret Service (2009), Beauty on Duty! (2010), Future X-Cops (2010), Treasure Inn (2011) and Marrying Mr. Perfect (2012).

Keung began directing in 2007 and Wong Jing produced all four of his directorial efforts—Bullet and Brain (2007), Black Ransom (2010), Treasure Hunt (2011) and Princess and Se7en Kung Fu Masters (co-directed by Wong, 2013).

In 2005, Keung received the Best Cinematography award from the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers (HKSC) for his work in One Nite in Mongkok. Seven Swords was the winner of Best Cinematography at the Catalonia International Film Festival. Keung was also thrice nominated for Best Cinematography at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, for the films Double Tap, One Nite in Mongkok and Seven Swords. He was recognized by the Hong Kong Film Awards with nominations for A Fighter’s Blues, One Nite in Mongkok, Seven Swords and Protégé.

Keung was a member of the executive committee of the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers from 2008 to 2012.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2013 《笑功震武林》
Princess and Se7en Kung Fu Masters WONG Jing
2013 《笑功震武林》
Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters WONG Jing
2011 《無價之寶》
Treasure Hunt WONG Jing
2010 《撕票風雲》
Black Ransom WONG Jing
2007 《神槍手與智多星》
Bullet and Brain