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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Fei Philip KO
高飛 | KO Fei Philip

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Born in 1952, Philip Ko Fei has been an avid karate practitioner since an early age and has taught martial arts in Taipei and Hong Kong. In 1970, he began to work as a martial arts performer and extra for Shaw Brothers, Golden Harvest and other independent production company before taking on more prominent roles in the mid-1970s, playing mostly villains. Meanwhile, he was action choreographer for Master Killer (1980), Yellow Skin (1985), Angel Enforcers (1989), Carry On Yakuza (1989), The Suspect (1998), among others.

Ko made his directorial debut with the Taiwanese film Dirty Angel (1981) and has since directed dozens of action films in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 1992, his career took him to The Philippines and Malaysia, where he directed over ten low-budget action flicks. He returned to Hong Kong in 1999 to continue his career as a director. In recent years, he has also worked in Mainland China as an actor and action choreographer.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2002 《火線生死戀》
Final Edge LAM Jimmy
2001 《風流韻事》
Sinful Confessions
2001 《忠奸道》
Exfernal Affairs
2001 《律師與殺手》
Savage Lawyer
2001 《槍下的女人》
Double Trouble
2001 《人蛇偷渡》
Set Me Free
2001 《殺人曲》
Killing Skill
2000 《紅牆盜影》
Millennium Dragon
2000 《敵對》
Laban Kung Laban
2000 《爆裂危情》
Fatal Attraction
2000 《英雄神話》
Payment in Blood
2000 《勒索》
2000 《雷霆特警》
1999 《殺手自由人》
Hitman's Call
1999 《99 雪在燒》
Burning with Desire
1999 《皇者之種》
Royal Sperm
1999 《電腦危情》
Internet Mirage
1999 《一代英雄》
Black Gun Team
1999 《北俠歐陽春》
The Northern Swordsman
1999 《逃亡》
On the Run
1999 《宋朝風月》
Love & Sex in Sung Dynasty LAW Kei
1999 《數碼英雄》
Digital Warriors
1998 《電子格鬥戰士》
Techno Warriors
1996 《決鬥》
1995 《過江龍》
Power Connection
1994 《轟天密令》
Deadly Target HO Chi keung Godfrey
1994 《越軌之狼》
Guardian Angel
1993 《驚天龍虎豹2 格殺令》
Lethal Panther 2
1992 《至尊特警》
Hard to Kill
1992 《宇宙狙擊》
Ultracop 2000
1992 《執法威龍》
Fatal Chase
1991 《龍跨四海之致命情人》
Guns & Roses
1990 《浪漫殺手自由人》
Killer's Romance
1990 《先發制人》
Angel's Mission
1990 《東方老虎》
The Cyprus Tigers
1989 《目中無人》
Final Run
1988 《洛杉磯風雲》
L. A. Connection
1988 《無法無天》
War City : Die to Win
1988 《火紅大陰謀》
War City 2 : Red Heat Conspiracy
1988 《龍兄虎弟》
War City 3 : The Extreme Project
1987 《霹靂天使》
Angel's Blood Mission HO Chi keung Godfrey
1987 《突擊部隊—威猛戰士》
American Force : The Brave Platoon
1987 《突擊部隊2 烽火英豪》
American Force 2 : The Untouchable Glory
1987 《突擊部隊3 天國勇士》
American Force 3 : High Sky Mission
1987 《殲敵者之天堂地獄》
Official Exterminator 2 : Heaven's Hell
1987 《殲敵者之魔域胭脂》
Official Exterminator 3 : Joy for Living Dead
1987 《霹靂天使》
American Commando : Angel's Blood Mission
1987 《奪命天使》
American Commando 2 : Hunting Express
1987 《殺戮中原》
The Platoon Warrior
1983 《碼頭》
The Pier
1981 《沙煲兄弟》
Dirty Angel