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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Tao Hoi Benz KONG
江道海 | KONG Tao Hoi Benz

After being in the film business all these years, I can safely conclude that coming up with the perfect idea is not hard, but executing it perfectly is not easy. This explains the fascination of cinema.


Benz Kong Tao-hoi was born in Hong Kong in 1956 to a family of magicians and circus performers. He first acted on stage at the age of seven, and started performing regularly at the age of nine. With his knowledge of martial arts, acrobatics and magic, he was soon appearing in films and television. From 1975, Kong started playing minor parts in more than 30 films, leaving an impression with his roles in The Killer in White (1980), From Riches to Rags (1980) and People’s Hero (1987). In 1983 he was promoted from stuntman to martial arts coordinator and action choreographer. He also had a specialty, that of designing gambling action sequences, which he did for Fortune Hunters (1987), God of Gamblers (1989), All for the Winner (1990), No Risk, No Gain (1990), Always be the Winners (1994) and Fate Fighter (2003), as well as the Who’s The Winner series (1991- 1993) on television. Not only did he come up with breathtaking gambling acrobatics, he also acted as stunt double for the various gambling masters in these shows, performing dazzling mahjong and card tricks for the camera. Kong designed the action sequence between Andy Lau and Ge You in A World Without Thieves (2004), as well as the magic acts in Derek Yee’s The Great Magician (2012).

In 1991, Kong partnered with Cheung Tung-joe and Stephen Tung to form New Prima Film Production, which produced Pom Pom and Hot Hot (1992) and The True Hero (1994). The three were frequent collaborators over the years, with Kong and Tung acting as action choreographer on several films directed by Cheung, such as Flaming Brothers (1987), Pom Pom and Hot Hot (1992), The True Hero (1994) and Kung Fu Wing Chun (2010). Kong directed Twins Mission in 2007, which utilized two elements with which he was familiar: the circus and magic. He was nominated for the Best Action Design Award at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan for The True Hero and A World Without Thieves, while Twins Mission was nominated for Best Action Choreography at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

In recent years Kong shifted his production base to Mainland China, where he directed the TV series Young Hero (2012) and served as action choreographer on Chen Zhen (2008) and The Legend of Kublai Khan (2013).

Year Chinese name English name Directors
2007 《雙子神偷》
Twins Mission