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Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild - Directors - Yeung KONG
江揚 | KONG Yeung

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Kong Yeung started writing scripts for Cantonese films in the 1950s, penning for such noted directors as Tso Kea, on Three Stages of Love (1955) and Fire (1956); Lee Tit, on The Warlord and the Beauty (1956); and Ng Wui, on The Shadow (1957).

Kong also wrote the first film he directed, the martial arts picture Romance and Adventure of Raksha (1961). The following year, he made Love and Hatred of the Seas (1962) while co-directing Matrimonial Storm (1962) with Lui Ying and The Mysterious Sword (1962) with Wu Pang. He went on to script many martial arts films, including the popular The Ghost with Six Fingers (1965), as well as films in other genres, such as the comedy Old Master, Part Two (1966) and the drama Hotel Lavender (1968).

Going to work in Taiwan, Kong wrote and directed the martial arts film Bloody Mask (1969) and the comedy The Naughty Beauty (1972, co-directed with Chen Chong-sheng) while also scripting other films. He later joined Shaw Brothers as a scriptwriter, responsible for such works as the international hit King Boxer (1972).

Leaving Shaws in 1976, Kong continued to work in both Hong Kong and Taiwan, directing films in many different genres, such as the horror film Curse (1988) and the erotic pictures Angel Delight (1992) and Sex for Sale (1993). He left the film industry in 1993.

Year Chinese name English name Directors
1993 《省港流鶯》
Sex for Sale
1992 《塘西風月痕》
Angel Delight
1988 《處女降》
1987 《娶錯老婆投錯胎》
Jokers Playing Games
1986 《連環炮》
A Man From Holland.
1982 《入錯天堂》
Unreal Dream
1978 《猛男刁女》
1972 《淘氣公主》
The Naughty Beauty
1969 《血滴子》
Bloody Mask
1964 《人咬狗》
The Tenants
1962 《湖海恩仇》
Love and Hatred of the Seas
1962 《搶老婆》
Matrimonial Storm
1962 《劍影恩仇錄》
The Mysterious Sword WU Pang
1961 《羅剎嬌娃》
Romance and Adventure of Raksha